The 'In-Between' Books

Hey guys, today I want to take the time to appreciate all the 'in-between' books. Now, you might ask yourself, what is an 'in-between' book? Well, an in-between book is any novella or short story that happens on the side of a good story. So that is mostly 0.5 books (prequels) or 1.5 books (Stories happening between the first and second books). These stories don't always have to be read to understand the book, but they are always a good read and might answer some small questions that you have been asking yourself that the original story only lightly touched on.

A lot of the time you will see these books from the point of view of someone besides the original narrater,  and these people always give you more of a look on the story than what you normally see. By doing this the author is giving you either a sneak peak at what is to come, or they are trying to answer questions that they know their readers have been asking, but it is too inconvenient for them to answer them directly in the story.

Prequels are also great, as you normally read them after you have read the first book in the series, and you get to see things from a whole new light. This is often when the author uses things you already know to advance your understanding before you read on. You might get those 'oh yeah, I knew this was coming' or 'oh damn, I know how this is going to end' moments, but you continue to read on because you know that you have to know exactly how it happens to feel completely satisfied.

I love these books, as a hard core reader, as I can read them along side the other books and it always ignites my love for the series again. They aren't too long, normally no longer than a couple of chapters (compared to the other books) and they are not overly expensive. Although, now it is harder to get these books because they are normally only released for the ereaders. (I am rather against the ereaders as I love old fashioned reading) I have a Kobo, even though I only use it for my In-Between books, and I know that most times you have to have an account of some sort to read these books. 

It is a shame of course, but the books are almost always worth the trouble. I also know that some of you might use 'illegal' ways to read the books for free, and I will not say anything here about whether or not I condone to that sort of behaviour. It is your choice what you do, and though I think it might be easier, I like to support the authors in most cases, because you wouldn't be reading the books if you didn't think they were worth a read.

So this will be my post of the week, and I hope that I have inspired some of you to go out and find some of these books to keep up with while waiting for the other books you love to come out. A great place to find out what books are released is There you can't read the books, but you can learn about them and rate them, and read other people's reviews. Give it a try if you get the chance, and you might even see some of my reviews around.

So have a great week everyone, and next week hopefully I will have an actual review for you all.
- K


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