Dark Visions by L. J. Smith

Here we are once again with another book, as promised, and this one was much better than the last one I did. I expected it to be good as it is by my favourite author, L. J. Smith, and she once again did not let me down. It had a very original story line, and the characters were done just as well as they always are. And as usual, she ends it well and the audience is somewhat satisfied, and somewhat disappointed, but in a good way.

Kaitlyn has an interesting ability that no one knows about. When she draws, every one of her pictures comes true in the future. But she draws in a trance, and she can't control what she draws. It is terrifying, but she can't control it.
Then she gets recruited into a program where teens like her can learn to harness their abilities. There she meets someone who can control animals, someone who can control dice, and a few other people with different powers.
Then she meets the vampire. He sucks the spirit out of people, and can connect people minds with his own. The only problem is, once he connects people, he feeds off of them until the connection is broken, or until they die.
He is a jerk, in all ways, and Kaitlyn does't like him at all. But as time goes on, she finds it easier to just tune him out and keep trying to be able to control her abilities, and try to draw what someone is thinking, by reading their minds.
Everything seems to be working out for them, until her and her friends find out that the people at the agency might be planning on using them for evil purposes, and that they are using dark methods to make them more powerful.
Kaitlyn and her friends, including the vampire, decide to find out more, but it puts them into more dangerous of a position than they are ready to deal with.

A great book, and worth a read. The picture I used above is of the volume trilogy version, which is the one that I bought to read. It has all three of the books written in the trilogy in one massive book, and it is easier to read because you can go from one book right to the other making it all seem like one big book, which is nice in my opinion.
If you do choose to buy and read the books one by one (if they are even available as single books anymore) they are by different names, and for that you will have to look them up because my version doesn't have the names on the outside of the book.
I gave this series a 4 out of 5 star rating.
See you all next week, and have a nice day!
- K


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