Full Story Synopsis: The Book is full of Spiders

This Book is Full of Spiders
We start out the book with a message from the author telling the audience that they don’t have to read the first book to understand this book and he wishes they wouldn’t read it. He tells of a Birthday celebration he and his friend John hold every year when the pee off the top of the water tower in town. While they are peeing they see a large group of military vans driving through. When one of the vans slams into a tree the two go to see what happened.
Inside the van they find that all of the agents have been turned into G.I. Joe dolls. They also find a box that is locked and can’t be opened. Being as curious as they are they take the box. Dave mentions that they do manage to get it open but says that he will get back to that later in the story when it is more important.
Dave is seeing a psychologist because he shot a man (truly a monster) with a crossbow. Since the town knows about what he and John do (get rid of monsters) they gave him a few weeks of therapy to get over it.
The true story starts with David waking up one morning with a large spider biting his leg. There is more that happens before this but this is where it truly starts the story.
He manages to kick the spider off but found that he was bitten by it. As he begins to feel weak the spider, with the mouth the size of a humans, comes towards him. Molly, their trusty drugged dog, comes to the rescue to eat the legs, which are covered in cheese sauce from the fight.
Dave uses this chance to escape outside where he tries to get his head back together. Eventually he goes back inside only for the spider to fall on his head and try to get into his mouth. A police officer shows up after being called by neighbors to deal with the situation. As he looks around the place Dave calls John who comes over to help them out.
As the officer is leaving the spider jumps on him burrowing inside of his mouth causing the officer to pass out. Dave and John find out through this that normal people, who haven’t taken the drug Soya Sauce, can’t see the spiders.
They take the officer to the hospital where they leave him. On the way out they find the Hospital surrounded by police officers and hear a commotion coming from inside. As SWAT teams arrive they watch from a distance as the officer from before emerges killing everyone in his sight.
When Dave and John wake up after the attack they find the place being put under quarantine by the government. Both men manage to escape using a portal door that they knew worked only for the users of their drug.
Out in the open Dave goes home to shower while John goes looking for the infected officer. He finds him but is chased off the road where he is found by a brave detective who throws bad guys out of helicopters and drives a fancy car.
John goes to Dave’s house, knowing the deranged officer will go their first, and steels a chainsaw to cut off his head. As Dave stands holding the severed head over his naked body the detective shows up and ties him to the bed.
Dave and John then watch in horror as dozens more of the spiders begin to emerge from the bed. Dave tries desperately to tell the detective to release him but he can’t see the spiders until he notices chunks of flesh falling off of Dave.
He releases him and then demands to know what is going on. Dave promises to tell him by showing him the contents of their garage (all toys from other dimensions). And while he is distracting him John burns down the house with his flame thrower.
They think they have killed all of the spiders until one of the firemen who show up gets infected by one of them. Then, one by one, more and more people at the scene are infected.
John and Dave make a run for it hoping to get out of town before it is completely quarantined by using their portal doors. John manages to make it out to safety but when he looks back for Dave all he sees on the door is splattered brain matter.
John meets up with Amy (Dave’s girlfriend) who had been trying to get into town when the outbreak happened. Both of them return to Amy’s dorm where John tries to figure out their next move. Amy decides after a few days that she can’t wait anymore and enlists the help of a few zombie nerds to help her get into the city and save her boyfriend.
Meanwhile Dave wakes up in an unknown facility tied to a bed with a little girl named Anna. Anna warns him of the shadow people (which Dave has seen before) before he is lead to meet the head of the facility. As it turns out the head is his Psychologist who is backing the whole operation (and working for the shadow people).
Dave is taken back to a small fenced in area of a local Hospital where other possibly infected are kept. There Dave realizes that he has lost all memory of that last week or so he was staying there and has to be caught up by his ‘friends’ there. The inmates are divided by green and red (red being possibly infected).
Then three more people are brought in as new inmates. Instantly everyone in the place looks to Dave to check their mouths the make sure there are no spiders. The first two are good but the last woman is certainly infected. They deal with her by shooting her in the head and pouring acid in her mouth before burning the body. Dave is horrified by this.
When one of the other kids tries to run he is killing by a gun drone flying over the city. The other boy is killing when he sits on the ground by a creature named Carlos which everyone says was infected by something weird before he went psycho and started killing people. Now they all just avoid sitting on the ground.
As Dave goes to sleep one night he feels someone in bed beside him when he looks over he sees Molly, his drugged dog.
From Molly’s point of view we see how she wandered through the destroyed city noticing all of the destruction while looking for Dave, who she calls Meatsmell. When she eventually finds her way in she goes to find him to make sure that he is okay.
Back to John who has gotten himself captured to try to find Amy, he finds himself being questioned by Dave’s psychologist before meeting up with the badass detective. They blow a hole in the facility to escape causing all of the doctors to leave the city.
John takes the detective back to Dave’s place to get some more of their Soya Sauce drug. He takes it just as a large deformed infected monster jumps from the roof to attack them. Then, time just stops for John.
He walks around for what feels like forever finding Amy on a bus coming towards the city and Dave still stuck, and alive, in the Hospital. He heads back to try to help the detective but finds that for a long time nothing happens. Eventually he figures out that the only thing that he can move is what he was holding when time stopped, which would be his clothes.
When time starts again the detective witnesses a monster land behind him thrashing around with its arms and legs tied by clothes and a basically naked John whooping in victory.
They make a break for it but are caught by some rednecks in the area that have formed their own team to fight the infection. After hearing how cool the awesome detective is they decide to help them out.
Meanwhile Amy and the nerds arrive at the abandoned facility and the nerds leave her with their friend while they go inside to kill the zombies. Through a camera Amy watches as they are each killed in a gruesome way. The man she was left with leaves the van to try to run and is instantly slaughtered. As Amy hides in the back of the van she feels hot breath on the top of her head.
Dave in the meantime has found a way to escape with his friends in the tunnels under the Hospital. Before they leave Dave goes to see the doctor in the facility to speak with him. As it turns out the doctor is Dr. Marconi from the first book who came to help as soon as he heard about the infection.
He tells Dave in secret that many more people have been infected by the spiders than he could possibly spot. He hints that the spiders could hide in other places on the body referring to the cases of diarrhea his patients have. He tells Dave that the only way to stop the infection might just be to nuke the whole town.
Dave and his friends get ready to leave after Marconi states he won’t be going. But as Dave’s friends move through the tunnel they are heard being killed at the end where they come out in the abandoned/infested facility.
The reds find Dave trying to escape without them and drag him back out front so that they can kill him. Marconi intervenes as best he can but Dave is ultimately saved by John who dries his car over the wall with his shotgun blazing.
Back to Amy who has just realized that the hot breath on her head was really just Molly who had found her way safely out of the Hospital to find her. She leads the terrified Amy back into the Hospital where her nerd friends died and into a tunnel managing to escape the dead. She makes her way through a tunnel and locks herself and Molly into an office building where she has access to a computer with Internet that was left behind. She contacts the son of the man who is going to bomb the town and tries to convince him to stop his dad from killing them all.
John and Dave manage to get into the hospital where they run into Anna again who leads them to Amy. Amy explains what is happening and as the lights go out Anna begins to change into a deadly tentacle monster which attempts to kill Dave. Just as John is about to shoot her with the gun a small beam of light shines on her.
Anna changes back to normal and goes over to the man, who introduces himself as Carlos. He explains that he and Anna are not infected but are simply just different. Carlos could always see who was infected, right from the beginning, and so that is why he killed those who sat on the ground but only if they were infected.
He tells Dave that Anna will be killed if the town is nuked and they are sent out to the water tower to stop the psychologist from destroying the town. On the way John and Dave grab the gun from the beginning, which is now explained to shoot anything the user is thinking about at the moment.
They make it to the water tower where they are instantly captured for the shrink. He tells them that they are just trying to wipe out all humans from the earth to stop them from over populating, and that getting rid of the town is the only way to do so. Amy is very calm until one of the planes her friend hired bombs the site destroying many of the vans.
One of the strange alien men guarding them rips off his mask reveling himself as the detective who then helps them steel a monster truck and kill many of the zombies by blowing their minds with high pitch music.
The whole town gathers together to stop the planes from bombing the town by showing them living, thinking people are still living there the only way they know how. When the pilots see all the town people standing in the formation of a human penis they bomb the hospital and then leave.
The military shows up to start killing all of the zombies and anyone who tries to escape, including the shrink who gets eaten by a weird demon dog. The detective gets shot and falls into a ditch causing Amy to run out into the stream of bullets to try to save him.
Just as a bullet is about to strike her heart the time suddenly stops and John and Dave are safe. John explains to Dave what is going on before a bunch of shadow people show up.
With the gun in hand David has only a moment to react and shoot something that can kill them all. What happens to come out of the gun is a leather picture of Jesus that Amy used to have that suddenly starts shooting holy lasers out of its eyes and then bites the head off of the last shadow man.
With that dealt with all they have to figure out is how to save Amy. Because the time will not start until one of them are standing in front of the bullet Dave says that he will do it because Amy is his girlfriend. John and he argue before Dave stands in front of the bullet.
As time starts up again there is a blur or orange fur and the bullet strikes home, killing Molly who had jumped in front of it to save Dave. Amy is confused and heartbroken to see that her dog is dead and the news people swarm her.
Later the detective approaches Dave about the fact that many people are writing a story on the incident. Dave promises to put him in the book and make him sound really badass by making it sound like he drives a fancy car and throws people out of helicopters. Then life goes back to semi-normal for John and Dave.



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