Fishbowl by Bradley Somer

Hey everyone I hope you're having a great Monday. The weather around here is continuing to decline into the winter, which isn't always great when you live in the Great White North. But I have a nice fireplace so there's never anything to worry about.
A few weeks ago I let a friend of mine borrow a couple books from my bookshelf since I have so many. She brought a few books from home for me to read. This was one of them.
She described it to me as a book about a fish falling from the top of a building. I thought it sounded like a weird concept but I decided to read it any way. In many ways I'm glad I did. And in a few ways I wish I hadn't.
Let me tell you a bit about it:

In a small apartment complex there are a series of lives that are all intertwined in some way. All of them centre around a small goldfish who takes a leap into the unknown one windy summer day.
A woman decides to stop by her boyfriends house to see how he truly feels about her.
At his apartment complex the boyfriend wakes up with another woman in his bed. He will have to continue hiding his secret pleasures from his girlfriend.
The girl he had slept with attempts to make it out of the building without being seen by the other girl. Bad sets of circumstances will have them meeting in the worst way.
In the basement the building super works out a long list of maintenance that needs to be done. Both elevators in the building don't work but he is saving those for last. His decision will set off a series of events that everyone in the building will feel.
A young boy who lost his family is dealing with a bad day. He is being haunted by a bad memory that he can't help but feel tortured by. When he is forced to do one of the hardest thing anyone can do his life will be changed forever.
On doctors orders to stay in bed, a young woman expecting her first child is longing for an ice-cream sandwich. When her child stats coming faster than any help can get to her she has to go on a journey through her building to find help.
Locked in her room, a woman who never leaves her apartment works her very unexpected job. Soon a knock will come t her door forcing her to go out of her comfort zone to help save a life.
Within the apartment building there are many intertwined lives. On this one day, when Ian the goldfish decides to take a leap into the unknown, all of these events will occur at once. How it will come out, no one will know.

This book was an incredibly original concept. For such an emotional rollercoaster of a book the language is surprisingly formal. Especially the chapters from Ian the goldfish's point of view. But I enjoyed learning about each of the amazing characters.
Here is my rating.
Plot: B+
Pace: B
Setting: B-
Characters: A-
Ending: A
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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