You Might be Introverted If...

My roommate and I are incredibly introverted. I've always known that I was an introvert but it wasn't until about halfway through our first month here that we realized just how much we disliked being around other people. Side note: We get along fine because we do not need to talk to each other every moment of the day. Most of our time is spent in silence reading or watching movies.
So one day we were going about our silence in watching a film when there came a knock at our door. Unsure what to do my roommate got up and looked through the peephole, being very careful not to make any noise.
At this time it was pretty late at night and we were planning on calling it a day within the next ten minutes. 
When she realized that is was one of our floor mates who comes over from time to time (and has a bad habit of staying much later than we would like) she panicked and ran into the bathroom. Not wanting to deal with the situation either I slid underneath my desk and remained there until she emerged from the bathroom a couple of minutes later.
We got a pretty good laugh out of it after wards and never told anyone that we had done it. Later we had discussed just how introverted that act had been. 
It would have been simple enough to tell our friend that because it was getting late we were going to go to sleep soon and would not be able to hang out that night. But instead we panicked at the thought of unwanted human confrontation and hid until we thought the coast was clear.
This has happened several times to the point now where whenever I hear a knock at the door my instinct is to duck under my desk where I have a spot made up so that I perfectly fit if I have to.
I thought this might be a funny experience to share with you as most of you probably would do something along these lines as well.
Have a nice week everyone and I will see you on Monday!
- K


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