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The Demon in the Golden Mask by K. King

Hey Everyone, just finished reading the Demon in the Golden Mask for this weeks book. Now this is a weird book because you can only buy the book on I found it by accident and thought I would give it a try.  The story is based around a really weird girl Sam who sees people as masked figures hiding behind secrets instead of actual people. And because of this she finds that she hates talking to them. The only person she likes is Shane, her best friend since childhood who always tells her the truth so that she won't hate him. But he IS hiding a secret from her, one that isn't safe for anyone to know. And Sam knows he might be keeping a secret, but she doesn't know what it is until Shane's dead body is found by his parents. Heartbroken and confused Sam tries to piece things together. At Shane's funeral she tries to escape the crowds of people and accidentally falls down a flight of stairs to be rescued by a strange boy who looks a lot like her best friend

Splintered by A.G. Howard

Hey everyone! So I just finished reading Splintered, a book I never knew existed until I spent a few hours researching to find my next book. I was intrigued by the possibility promised that a new wonderland, not explored by Alice, could be introduced. And I must say after reading it I was not disappointed. I mean look at that cover! So beautiful, it promised lots and delivered. We start off meeting Alyssa, one of the original Alice's great-great-great granddaughter. We also meet her mom Allison, who is in a mental hospital because she speaks to flowers and bugs. Weird right? Not really, because Alyssa has the same problem, one which she runs away from by killing the bugs and turning them into art for the purpose of trying not to turn into her mother, or grandmother who all suffer from the same curse. After a fight with her best friend Jeb, who is dating her mortal enemy, and her dad who is going to put her mother through shock treatments in an attempt to make her sane, Alive d