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Full Story Synopsis: World War Z

SPOILER ALERT! World War Z The book follows many different points of view being taken down in an interview format with the author as the interviewer. We start with a man who was a doctor who treated patient zero. He remembers how the boy lost his toe after being attacked while treasure hunting with his dad. He then grows sick and when he attacked several of the villagers he was locked away and restrained. As he is trying to diagnose his friend warns him to get out of the country. Before he can do so he is locked away. By time he gets out the war was already underway. Another man tells his tale of smuggling people, some with infected passengers, out of the country. Eventually he takes all the money he made and gets away knowing the infection is spreading to other countries now. The next man worked in the military and was looking for terrorists when he stumbled upon what look to be an attack. They find many people from a terrorist group dead, all from what appeared to be their


Good morning everyone I hope you are all having a nice day. This week I thought I would mention the concept of bookshelves. Why? Well, since I am moving soon I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of my books. Those of you who read a lot might have had the same sort of feeling at some point as well. Bookshelves are a great invention because they not only hold the mass amounts of books we read but they can also be used as storage. Some of us don't use shelves and use different methods to store our books, while others may choose to be creative and make a bookshelf out of things around the house. There are many different types of way of storing your books until you read them again and I am only just learning about most of them now in my search for the perfect one. There is one I saw that you make yourself, built straight into the wall, that looks like a tree. Only the branches are laid out so that you can place books on them and the trunk of the tree has hooks to hol

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a great day to start out your week. I for one am taking the time to catch up on all of my reading and I have finally managed to get the third Kitty Hawk book read. As usual I am posting the review for the third book in the series because the book can act as a stand alone if you wanted to read it that way. If you did read the book on its own you might be a bit confused on a few things but all together it is the same story. Kitty Hawk is back yet again on her journey around the world in her trusty plane. This time she is making a small stop in Iceland to visit a friend of Charlie's (from the first book) and stay with his family there.  While there she takes a tour of the area where she finds that mining for the countries resources has caused a lot of turmoil among the locals. Although many believe that the destruction of most of the equipment is caused by elves who are angry about the invasion of territory. Kitty also learns abou

Full Story Synopsis: Jurassic Park

SPOILER ALERT! (It's going to be a long one so, as Mr. Arnold puts it, hold on to your butts!) Jurassic Park The book starts out with it raining at night as some people hear someone coming by helicopter. They land and quickly call for a doctor. The woman ends up being a doctor and a man is carried to her limp and injured. When the woman asks what happened to him she is told it was construction accident and that the man was run over by a backhoe. The man assisting the woman notes that it looks like he was mauled by a wild animal. When the woman starts helping the man he mumbles the word ‘raptor’ in his unconscious state. She also notices saliva in the wounds that smells pretty bad. Her colleague is superstitious and doesn’t want to help. She hears from a worker that they came from an island resort pretty far from where they are. She gets suspicious. Another couple and their 8 year old daughter are searching for a private beach to explore. The young girl wanders off to ex

Online Reading

Good morning everyone. I hope your week has gone well so far. This week for our Wednesday update I thought I would give a short talk on online reading. Lately a lot of people have been switching to ereaders because the books are cheaper, they take up less space, and you can have multiple books on the go. I think I have already given a talk on ereaders but this is a little different. While I still like the traditional method of reading to the ebooks I am not above reading online when I get the chance. And ebooks are not always something that you have to read on the device. Devices die, or short out, or sometimes just become a huge pain so I tend to read ebooks on my phone or computer. The technology era we are living in has made it easy to read books, download and buy books, and take them with you where ever you go.  With reading on my laptop I find I can take a break from working sometimes and just scroll through a good book and go right to the pages that I like to reread without ru