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Starling by Lesley Livington

Alright everyone, hello again. Just finished reading Starling, so let's get to it. I have been splurging on books lately, reading them by the dozens, instead of only one a week like I had planned. To be honest, I think I am getting addicted (though there are much worse things I could be doing) I had a few problems with this book, which I will get into after the description, but other than that it wasn't a terrible waste of my time. Meet Mason, girl, who is on the fencing team at her University in New York City. She and her team are practising hard for the nationals, where she plans on coming out on top, when a sudden storm blows over and the side of the building is destroyed. Things should be fine but they go from kinda crappy to horrible when strange monsters invade the school and attack the students. But thank god a naked man who can fight, but has no idea who he is, shows up and saves the day! (ugh) Then, everyone decides that it is best not to talk about what happene

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Hey everyone, just finished reading Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, so here's what I think. To be completely honest I only read this book because by chance I picked up the second book in the series and it looked, by what I read on the back, to be pretty promising. The first book didn't seem as promising, but as we all know one cannot simple start the second book without first reading the first. The book starts out from a persons point of view as Evie comes to his house after an event caused most of the world to be killed or turned into zombies who search for anything to drink in the barren landscapes, even blood. Flash back to almost a year ago and we meet Evie, a girl living in Louisiana who has just been let out of an asylum because of her hallucinations she experiences. She is going back to school for the first time in a few years where she hopes to strengthen the relationship she has between her boyfriend and her best friend. But there is a new boy, Jack, who is from

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Hey everyone, just finished reading The Way We Fall, which as most of you know was part of the white pine selection books. The reason I read it was mostly because I have yet to read any of those books, and as one book club to another I find I should support the reading. It was a different sort of reading, as the writing style was in the form of many diary entries that are being written from the main character, Kaelyn, to her friend Leo who has left the island they live on. I thought it was actually kind of good, which is weird for me as I don't normally like these kinds of things. We meet Kaelyn, through the diary entries that begin at the beginning of September and the start of the new school year. She is writing to her old friend Leo, who left the island some time over the summer. We aren't sure just yet, but it seems that they did not have a good parting, and maybe still aren't talking. Either way, Kaelyn is determined to make a new start with people, and takes th

Partials by Dan Wells

Hey everyone! Just finished reading Partials by Dan Wells, a book recommended to me by my best book buddy who always finds me good next series to read. All in all it was a good book with a good story line and a fantastic lead up. Meet Kira, a new medic in the time after the war with the partials where a group of man made robots that had human DNA released a deadly virus called RM virus that killed almost all of humanity. Kira and a small group of other survivors have created their own civilisation where they try to find the cure for the virus as it kills any new born child. So basically, in the last 11 years since the partial war ended and all the partials disappeared, not a single child has been born. Kira is 16 and is working hard to find the cure before the pregnancy age, the age that all woman must start getting pregnant and remain pregnant as long as they can, is dropped from 18 to 16. But after her best friend, who is basically her sister, gets pregnant, and she realises