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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Hey everyone! This week I went back to one of the first Teen Books I read. It has been so long since I had originally read this series that I had nearly forgotten everything that happened! It really is a great book series, and I hear word they are thinking of making it into a movie. Exciting right?! So before I get into why I did or did not like this book and my rating, let me give you a little back ground on the book itself. In the far off land of the future (one would assume) things are very different. When you are born, you are considered an 'ugly'. You are still an ugly until the day you turn 18, where the government takes you across the river to make you into a 'pretty', which involves a complicated procedure where they strip your skin, grind down your bones, and make you a completely new person who is perfect inside and out. From that day forward you are 'pretty' and can live your life in 'new pretty town' partying every day for years without

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Hey everyone, look a real book! It was something I have been reading over a period of time and I am just finally finishing it up now! I love Max Brooks, ever since reading World War Z, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at a gathering last year and got one of my books signed by him. I find he is a great author who does his research and is never 100% certain that one thing will work better than everything else. He is realistic, and doesn't try to make hero's out of people who shouldn't be. The book is not just about Zombie survival, but also about basic survival in different situations that are entirely possible. He explains how it might start, the Zombie plague, and what signs to look for in any plague situation, and how to best deal with the news. He writes about different weapons to choose and what the benefits and drawbacks are of each one. At no point does he say one weapon is the absolute best to choose, but he does offer a list of weapons you should think abo

Summer Time Reading Update!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Summer is almost here (about time right?) and that means hot weather, days in the shade, popsicles, the beach, and lounging by the poolside. It also means new releases, cold crisp pages of a book in the summer heat under sweaty fingers, and covering your book from the slashes of children cannon balling off a diving board.  Summer can be a great time to read, especially when it feels so nice just to sit down in the shade and relax with a nice book, and maybe take a quick nap. Just make sure if you are reading out in the sun to wear lots of sunscreen, no one wants a bad sunburn because they were too into a book to go inside out of the sun rays. Most of you don't have this problem, but still use sunscreen anyway if you are going outside. But this post isn't about books. This is about summer safety. It is really easy to get caught up in summer fever and forget to be safe. Stay hydrated, and no beer and pop don't count as drinks, in fact they will

Canadian Disasters

Hello again everyone, this week I have actually read a book, even if it isn't so much a popular teen book that I have been doing in the past. This time I decided to switch it up and read a history book I took out from my school's library. I love history, and as a Canadian there is nothing cooler than to read about the disastrous history of my country. It was a great book, and I learned a lot from it, but I won't be doing much of a review on the book. It had different stories from different elements all over the country from mine disasters to natural disasters like tornados and floods. It was well written, and captivating, so I would give it a 4 out of 5 star rating. But I would not recommend anyone to read this book. Now that isn't because it isn't a good book, not at all. But if you do not live in Canada, the events don't affect you very much, and it looses its interesting state. For you who don't live in Canada, I would recommend finding a history bo

Advice for Hard Core Readers!

Hey everyone, lately I have been giving you advice on what books are good to read, and what you should check out based on your preferences. But for people who read a lot, and who don't stretch far from the same kind of books, you might find yourself in a bit of a rut. Today instead of a review for a book, I am going to give you some advice for finding your own kind of books. The first thing you can do is try blindly choosing a book. While this might not work out for you it is a great way to try something new. Let's say you read four books a month, and maybe it is time to try something new. Go to a bookstore, go to the section you normally buy your books in, and close your eyes. Then, reach out and pick a book. If it a book you already have, put it back and try again. If it is the second + book in the series find and choose the first one.  Another thing you could do is follow the first person you see in the store (note: please don't make this obvious, and if they notice y