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Inevitable Ascension by V. K. McAllister

Hey everyone, as promised here is the review that I didn't get a chance to finish last week. The author was kind enough to send me a copy that I spent the last couple weeks reading. Going into this book I wasn't sure what to make of it. My thoughts were that it would be a classic science fiction book with time travel but I wasn't sure what the story really was going to be about. It took me a couple chapters to get into it and to really understand what is going on. Let me tell you a bit about it: Violina and her friend Lux are not your ordinary hunters. For years they have hunted creatures to earn themselves enough Platinum to get by. But when they are betrayed by their employers they decide to strike back. Since both are skilled fighters it isn't hard for them to take what they want; the last younglings of an extinct predator. Once they get away with them they are tasked with trying to find someone to buy them. If they can make a couple thousand Platinum they wi

One Week Break

Hey everyone. This week I will be taking a little break from my reviews for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that I am currently in the process of moving and I only just realized that, even though I am moving in less than a week, I haven't started packing yet. Oops. The second reason is that since I have been busy with work and now packing I haven't had a chance to finish the book I am working on. I don't like posting a review without finishing the book. Technically I am moving on Sunday, meaning it would make more sense not to do a review next Monday the day after. But unpacking is much easier than packing and by taking a break today it will give me an extra couple days to get the book done, finish the review, and start on the next book. So hopefully I will have the review finished before next Monday and will be able to get onto the internet to post it. If not I will do it the moment I get online again. Have a great day everyone and happy reading! - K

Black Water Tales: The Unwanted by Jean Nicole Rivers

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a good Monday. This week I read another thriller/horror novel, which was generously send to me by the author. As many of you know I am a big fan of thriller books because they require talented writers to make them work. So when the author contacted me about reading it I was thrilled to get the chance. My first impressions of the book was that is was a little boring to start off with. But as I continued reading I found that I got used to the writing style and it wasn't so boring. This is one of the books that takes a bit of dedication to enjoy. Let me tell you a bit about it: Blaire is a volunteer teacher working with United Care to bring aid to children in other countries. She boards a train with another volunteer, Travis, who is a nurse to go to a small town to work at an orphanage for a year. When they arrive they find that things are worse than they seemed. The town is small with very few people in and even less friendly people in it.

Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a great Monday! With Canada over and the 4th of July past it is time to get back to work. I am lucky to have a whole week off to do my reading so I am using it to catch up on my books. This week I finished Raven's Peak, a book that was sent to me by the very generous author to do a review for before it is published. By the way, the publishing date is TOMORROW! The first impression I got from this book was that it was very well written. The dialogue was smooth, the descriptions were short and to the point, and the characters were introduced with enough mystery to grab your attention. I had the idea that the story would be dark and scary throughout from the cover but instead there was a perfect amount of mystery, action, and thriller rather than horror. Let me tell you a bit about it: In our world humans go about their lives unaware that demons walk in the skin of our friends. One Order moves to manage these demons and stop the cults that al