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Sapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski

Hey everyone. This review is super late as I have been so busy with moving and family problems that I haven't had a chance to read the book. Now that things are starting to settle down I have had a chance to read it and now I can finally tell you what I think. The author was kind enough to send me a copy, and though I have had to put it off for the last month, I really am thankful that I was able to read this book. Jane works as a scientist in a research facility where she is trying to create a serum to cure autism. She works with rats to test the cure and one rat, named Einstein, has shown remarkable capabilities. Over time he has been able to navigate mazes and even learned how to count. With the testing going so well she moves up to testing on larger animals starting with a dog named Bear. But what no one realizes is that she is so focused on this cure because her own son Robbie was born with autism. She is hoping that the cure she makes will one day be able to help her s

Full Story Synopsis: Phantom of the Opera

SPOILER ALERT! Phantom of the Opera An older man tells the story of the Phantom of the Opera as he grows into very old age. He tells how he witnessed Christine, a beautiful chorus girl, rise to a sort of fame when the lead of the show quits in a diva rage. The new investor in the theater where she performs is Christine’s childhood friend’s older brother. The friend’s name is Raoul and he tries to grow closer to Christine, but she just pushes him away. There are rumors of a phantom who lives within the opera house and who stays in one of the boxes. He has a kind voice but no one has ever seen his face. As Raoul tries to grow closer to Christine he finds that a mysterious man is stalking her. She accepts this man as he promises her many things. He allows her to hear her dead fathers violin played again. But many times when they think Christine is alone they can hear her speaking with someone secretly. Eventually Christine disappears altogether after being pursued by Raoul one n


Hey everyone, I am back online finally. Internet came and was set up yesterday but I wasn't able to get a review up on Monday because of it. To not throw off the natural schedule of the blog I wont be posting another review until Monday again so today is just another update to let you know I am back. It seems like the posts that I scheduled to go up last week worked just fine as far as I know so I will be able to use that in the future. With all of our gear moved in now I will have some time before school starts in a week to read and do other things for the blog. I am still looking into the laws behind giveaways and mulling over the pros and cons of doing so.  So this is just a really quick update to let you all know that I am back now and that things should be back on track for the next while. Have a great week and happy reading! - K

Full Story Synopsis: The Mist

SPOILER ALERT! The Mist We start out our story with the protagonist David and his wife at their lakeside home with their son. They see a storm cloud coming over the lake and David thinks it is going to be bad. Bringing his young son inside they decide to wait out the storm together in the living room where David has a good view of the lake. He sees funnels appear over the lake and tries to keep his family calm until the morning when they can check out the damage. When they come outside in the morning they find that trees all over the place have fallen down and crushed their house, boathouse, and downed power lines all over the property. With the power going to be out for a while David decides to go into town to the supermarket to get some food for the rest of the day. On his way out his rich neighbor asks for a ride into town and his son says he wants to come along as well. Seeing no other choice David takes them with him but notices a strange fog coming in slowly across the la

Wednesday Update!

Hey everyone! I am hoping this is coming to you on Wednesday. If not, then well the stupid machine isn't working properly. Whatever.  If you are getting this message then thankfully it worked and hopefully you should be getting one on Friday as well. We are setting the internet up as I write this on Monday so hopefully it will all be installed before next Monday so I will be able to post another review. This update I wanted to let all of you know that I am planning on changing a few things after I move in an have the time to do it. These changes most likely won't apply to the blog but will be upgrades on technology so to help move the blog along. Here are a few changing/upgrades to expect: 1. Twitter: For the last little while I have been debating making a Twitter account for the blog so that people who aren't on Google or Gmail can follow the blog posts as they come. My cousin knows a lot more about social media than me and she has agreed to give me some advice on ho

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Good morning everyone I'm back with another Harry Potter review. This one, being the third book, is my favourite of the series so far I would say. Out of all of the movies I liked this one the most so I knew that there was a good chance of me enjoying this book as well. The more I read these books the more I notice the difference between them and the movies.  But let me tell you a bit about it. So Harry is back at his aunt and uncle's for the summer, much to his regret. As always things aren't going so great and he ends up leaving before the end of summer after using magic in front of the humans. On his way about town he is picked up by a bus and is soon taken back to the school where he finds out he isn't in trouble for using magic. With Ron and Hermione by his side he sets off for another great year with his friends, hopefully with less danger than before. Unfortunately, things are possibly even more dangerous as Harry finds out when Sirius Black, the man who

Full Story Synopsis: Good Omens

SPOILER ALERT! Good Omens When we start out we meet Crowley, the snake who gives Eve the apple at the beginning, and Az (his name is too complicated for me to use), who is the angel guarding the gates to heaven. The two talk and soon form a friendship, because Crowley isn’t all that bad. Years later in the 21 centaury the two enjoy feeding ducks in a private pond together. Crowley is then called away by some demons (who don’t know he hangs out with an angel) and is given the task to take the baby son of Lucifer to start the end of the world. This make Crowley uncomfortable because he actually likes the earth. At the hospital where the nurses are in on the baby switch there is a mix up when one of the stupid nurses accidentally mixes up three babies giving the baby to the wrong mother who names him Adam. Crowley, not knowing about the mix up, meets up with Az who gets incredibly drunk with him. They discuss what they are going to do to stop the end of the world. In the end th

Wednesday Update!

Hey everyone a quick update about next week. Monday the posts will be as they normally are but I might have some trouble posting the rest of the week. Next Wednesday I am going to be moving for the first time into a new apartment just off of my campus at the University with my boyfriend.  Since this is the first time moving for us I don't know how long it is going to take us to get on our feet and get things sorted out. The internet hasn't been set up so I won't be able to do direct posts until that is sorted out. But I may try to write up a few posts ahead of time and have them preset to post. Now, I haven't tried this method before so I don't know how well it is going to work out. It could post like it is supposed to or it might now post at all. I have had problems with posting things like this in the past. If I don't happen to post don't think that I am gone for good. I will be back as soon as I sort things out with the apartment. Even then, I probabl

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Good day everyone, I hope you had a good weekend. A long time ago (as in maybe a year or so ago) I did a very short review for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I had said back then that I didn't enjoy the first book all that much and that I hadn't intended to continue on with the series. But after a bit of time I decided to go back to it and read it very slowly online by reading at least one page a day (I have a good memory so I was able to keep up with it). Now I am on the fourth book and I think it is time for me to do a review for the books I have read. So for now I will do the second book in the series and the third a little later on and so on. So Harry is back at Hogwarts after suffering for a summer at the hands of his aunt, uncle, and idiotic cousin. He is joined by Ron and Hermione as he begins his second year as a wizard. With Voldemort now seemingly out of the picture again he is hoping to have a better year.  Things don't get off to a great sta

Full Story Synopsis: The Labyrinth

SPOILER ALERT! The Labyrinth Our protagonist Sarah appears in a grassy park as the sky overhead darkens. She recites words from a play but is unable to remember the last words, “you have no power over me.” Her dog watches from a distance. When the clock strikes the hour Sarah suddenly realizes that she is late and takes off with the dog following screaming that it isn’t fair. She get’s home soaking wet to find her stepmother angrily waiting for her. They argue about how Sarah is supposed to be watching her baby stepbrother Toby for the night while the two of them go to dinner but is late getting home. Sarah locks herself in her room while her mother complains to her father about her. As Sarah plays pretend in her room her father comes to talk to her but doesn’t really say anything worth hearing. When they leave they tell her that Toby is in bed and that she is to look after him. As she admirers her carefully lay out and thought out room she realizes that one of her stuffed