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Fishbowl by Bradley Somer

Hey everyone I hope you're having a great Monday. The weather around here is continuing to decline into the winter, which isn't always great when you live in the Great White North. But I have a nice fireplace so there's never anything to worry about. A few weeks ago I let a friend of mine borrow a couple books from my bookshelf since I have so many. She brought a few books from home for me to read. This was one of them. She described it to me as a book about a fish falling from the top of a building. I thought it sounded like a weird concept but I decided to read it any way. In many ways I'm glad I did. And in a few ways I wish I hadn't. Let me tell you a bit about it: In a small apartment complex there are a series of lives that are all intertwined in some way. All of them centre around a small goldfish who takes a leap into the unknown one windy summer day. A woman decides to stop by her boyfriends house to see how he truly feels about her. At his apartm


Hey everyone. Normally I wouldn't do a post like this but today I felt I should do a bit of an update. Blogger has changed the layout a bit and now has added a 'followers' button. It may have had one before but I never noticed it. If you like my blog and want to have weekly updates or get messages when I post feel free to follow. It would be good to know if I do have any people who actually come back week after week. Right now I can't really tell if anyone comes regularly or just random people keep stumbling across my posts. So if you do follow, thanks! If not, then thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around again. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you on Monday for another review! - K

Sadie Walker is Stranded by Madeleine Roux

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a good Monday. Since we are now getting a butt load of snow it makes for the perfect time to do a lot of reading. Even with all the school work I have to do I'm managing to get in a few books here and there. For the longest time I haven't been reading second books in series because I don't have time to read them. But now that I am stranded on campus for long hours without my laptop I've been taking the time to catch up on all the books I haven't had time for in the last little while. This is technically the second book in the series, the first of which is called Allison Hewitt is trapped. I did a review for this book probably over a year ago. At the time I knew this book was from a different point of view with a different story. But because of the first couple chapters I read I decided I didn't want to read it at the time. Now that I have read it I remembered how much I enjoyed reading the first book. Let me tell you a

Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson

Hey everyone I hope you had a great weekend. For the longest time I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf waiting to read it. When I moved it got lost in the mass of boxes until a couple weeks ago when I found it again (along with the rest of the books I haven’t read) and was able to put it back in the pile. The first thing I’ll say about this book is that it’s by the author who wrote one of my favourite non-fiction books “Dead Wake”. After reading that book I ordered all the books by the author that looked interesting and this was one of them. The theme of the book interested me because it involved a large storm that actually occurred and promised to show great stories from different people caught in the storm. I was really excited to get into it. Let me tell you a bit about it: In the year 1900 Isaac and his family are living in a coastal town in the South. He works for the weather institute helping to predict when storms are going to happen. He is joined in this by his broth

UFO Hunters by William K. Birnes

Hey everyone I hope you had a great weekend. With Halloween over we are getting into the colder weather. Cold weather means it is time to get out your reading socks, turn up the heat, grab a warm drink, and read a great book in bed. Here is Canada that weather comes on pretty quickly. A couple weeks ago I finished a book at school and still had a few hours to kill before classes. So I went to the bookstore on campus, a place I spend a lot of time in, and bought this book for $2 to kill some time. When I started reading it I found that it was a lot different than I had expected it to be, considering what the topic is. The first thing I should note is this is a non-fiction book. The second thing is that this book goes along with the TV show "UFO Files" as a description of the things they found in the episodes. Often times the chapters, laid out in a way that goes from episode to episode, ending with a blog by the author, describes things that you don't see in an episo