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Once Upon a Stolen Time by Samreen Ashan

Good day everyone! This week I have read a book called Once Upon a Stolen time. This is a super special book because it comes out TOMORROW! That's right, you don't have to do the crazy wait because you only have one sleep before this amazing book comes out. In a combination of modern day and ancient times we are able to witness the coming together of two people that were literally meant for each other across time and space. But a little warning for the younger audience that this book is not completely appropriate. With that out of the way let me tell you a bit about it! Myra is a blogger who does reviews and information about popular castles across Europe. There has always been one castle she has always wanted to go to but it has been closed off to all people for almost 200 years. There is rumour of a curse lying on it. Now Myra might have a chance to live her dream when he parents try to force her to marry the boy next door. Myra only just met the man, who turns out to


Good day everyone I hope you are having a good week. This week I have been doing more research into audio books, which if you remember I said I might do last week if I had the time. So I did and now I have the official K's report on what they are like. While it takes a little less time to get through a full one since you don't have to waste time turning pages, you have to have the attention span to listen to someone telling you about the book. It isn't a movie and if you are doing something else while listening you might miss what is going on. You don't really have a choice in voice actor, which I found out the hard way when the third book in the series I was reading suddenly changed. This upset me a little because it really does change the whole book when someone else is narrating it for you. If the book you choose to read does have a choice always go with the man with the English accent. The price is twice as expensive as normal books since you are paying for the

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

Hey everyone, this week I decided to get back to a classic novel series. Some of you may have read my reviews of Harry Potter, which I haven't had the time to finish yet because of other books that I have on my list to finish. The first thing I have to say, not just about this book, but about the series so far is, "Holy bugger is every adult really this bloody daft?!" I mean seriously as great a story as this is it is almost ruined by the absolute stupidity of everyone in the books besides the main characters and the villain! But let me tell you a bit about it. Violet, Klaus, and Sonny have now very suddenly become orphans when a fire suddenly destroys there home and kills their parents. Since they are all very young, Sonny still an infant, they are shipped off to live with a member of their family Count Olaf.  Right off the bat the children are unhappy with all of the chores they are forced to do. They are given only one bed and are denied all of the things that

Wednesday Update

Good morning everyone. Cheer up, the week is half over. I don't have much to say today but I thought I should update anyway. What are your opinions on audio books? I heard on TV that some people like to listen to them when they go for a walk because it is like reading on the go.  I spend a lot of time walking to and from school every day and I have thought about trying them out if nothing else besides curiosity. I know nothing about audio books like how much they cost, who normally voices them, or how to work them on my phone (since that is how I listen to music). The downsides I am seeing right now is that: 1. I won't be able to listen to my music on the way to school. 2. I may not be paying attention since I am walking 3. I can't think of any books that I would want to hear someone else reading to me There is a lot to consider when going into audio books and I don't know if I really want to go that way. Let me know what you think or if you have listened to an

The Secret Apocalypse by James Harden

Hey everyone I hope you are having a good day. This week I got my hands on a copy (online) of this book by James Harden. For some reason it was showing up Free on my Kobo but I liked it so much that I purchased the second book in the series just to help support the author.  You all know how much I love a good Zombie novel and I really love it when the author puts an original spin on things whether it be in story or in writing style. In this case it was the story that had the original spin on it. Let me tell you a bit about it. Rebecca has survived what we are told was a horrible incident back in Australia and that she was the only known survivor of the incident. She is being interviewed about the incident which has been kept quiet by the Australian government and the American military. Rebecca flashes back to when the events all started on the first day of school in Australia. The first anyone knew anything was wrong was when the school shut down on the first day due to health

Guinea Pig Eating a Carrot



Good morning everyone. I hope that everyone today is decked out in their Red and Purple poppies in memory of the men and women who gave their lives to serve your country. Here is Canada we stood for a moment of silence at 11 this morning and I am sure many of you did the same all over the world (I hope).  For those of you who want to take this day one step higher be sure to check out much of the history books, documentaries, and biographies that go hand in hand at this time of year. IF you would like maybe even write a poem or story to keep as a memory. I will be taking a little time today to rest and remember those in my family who were in the wars and those who lost their lives. I hope you will do the same. Have a great day everyone and Happy reading! - K

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Good morning everyone! Okay, maybe it isn't morning anymore but for the sake of my pride I will say that it is morning and I am writing this before school (not after classes). As some of you may know after reading my previous post last week I have started reading books on my device as ebooks. This one was the first book I read. I have to say it worked out better than I expected considering I stayed up until 1 in the morning reading on my phone until I finished and passed out with my phone on my chest. When I woke up I read another book in one sitting. So far everything is working out nicely with the device reading. But let's talk about Allison Hewitt: We start our story hearing from Allison on a military network as she blogs about the first days of the outbreak. Her and a few of her coworkers managed to hide themselves away in the break room when their bookstore was attacked. In the break room they have fridges, back-up generators, and security cameras so they can keep

Wednesday Update

Hey everyone. Lately I have been thinking that, since I go to school almost all of the time, it might be worthwhile for me to start reading ebooks. I know I said how much I dislike them, and I do, but I have to walk so far to get to school and books get heavy!  My thought it that I will start buying books online if I need to so that I can read at school whenever I want. I do actually own one of the very old Kobo devices, but I have long since lost the cable for it. For the sake of you guys, who deserve a new book every week, I might start reading ebooks all the time to keep up with the readings.  To be completely honest it might even be easier for me to go this way, even just for a little while. I won't have to get a ride to the book store to buy a book, since I can do it right from my device, and it will be lighter than the average book.  So we will see how this works out and if it doesn't I will go back to regular books.  Other than that I hope you are all having a grea

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Good day everyone. This week I started reading the Life of Pi. Before I knew it was a novel I saw the movie with my boyfriend. For such a simple plot I found that I loved the movie and was delighted to find out that it was actually a best selling book. I went out while I was home and got a copy although I only just got to reading to it today. Lucky for you it only takes me two hours to read a book this size. Let me tell you a bit about it: A journalist interviews Pi, a man living in Toronto Canada, as he tells the amazing story of his life. Every couple of chapters the journalist puts in his opinion of the man, his situation, and the things that he says. Pi tells the story from when he was very young living with his family in India. His father ran a hotel at first and then ran a zoo. There, Pi learned many things about animals, including the harsh lessons by his father about the dangers of the animals. None are as dangerous as Richard Parker, a tiger that resides at the zoo. Wh