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Halloween Update

Hey everyone, just a quick update to say happy Halloween to you! Tonight I am planning a haunted house with my friends, and I hope that if you are not going out with your kids, or celebrating yourself, that you are at least having a good night. Maybe stay in and watch a horror movie or whatever it is you like to do. The new year is fast approaching, and I am hoping to get a poop ton (yes Poop ton) of gift cards to buy more books. I will be uploading another blog entry on Christmas, or at least around that time, and by then I hope to have more news on books for you all. So have a great night, Happy Halloween, and let the spooky be with you! Have a nice night all! :) <(boo)

The Forbidden Games by LJ Smith

H ey everyone! Today I haven't read a book, or I did but I'm not doing the review for until next week, but I am finally doing a review on one of my absolute favourite books of all time. Today, the review will be on L.J Smith's book trilogy The Forbidden Games. For this, even though it is a trilogy, I will only be doing the first book because I don't want to give away spoilers for those of you who haven't read them yet and are planning on getting to it. We start off being introduced to Jenny, the main character to our story. She is shopping for a game to play at the birthday party she is throwing for her long time boyfriend, Tom. But she is too late and almost all of the stores are closed, except one in a dark alley way called "more games." Having no other choice, as she is being followed by two goons with possibly dark intentions, she goes inside. There she finds that the store is very exotic, and as she is reading from a sign that read "Welcom

Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

Hey everyone, finished last weeks read Tempest Rising. Now I didn't have high hopes going into this book. I was right when I found I couldn't really relate to it. When you read a book you have to have some sort of connection to the main character so that you can easily put yourself in their place and enjoy the story. But Tempest, the main character in this case, is not something your average every day girl can relate to. Meet Tempest, who is about to turn 16 (I think). Her mom left her to live in the ocean when she was young. Oh yeah, her mom is a mermaid. Tempest experienced some bad crap with the ocean when she was younger and blames herself (kinda) for her mom leaving. All she has is a note from her mom saying that when she turns 16 she will have the choice to turn into a mermaid or stay on land. Kay. So, like I said, Tempest is the kind of girl most people can't relate to. She surfs every day with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Mike. Now the surfing is what th

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Hey everyone, just finished reading Dark Inside, and I have to say I am deeply disturbed! Now, I am the type of person that is easily scared when it comes to horror, despite my massive love for Halloween. My friend asked me to read it for her, and from the first chapter I was horrified. There is so much death, to people that you normally wouldn't see die in a book. In one scene a two year old is ripped apart while one of the main characters listens from bathroom. We meet four different people who are the focus in each chapter. In chapter one, I believe, we meet Mason, who's mom has just been in an accident. While waiting for her to get better in the hospital he hears news that his school has been destroyed, and all his friends are dead. Depressing, but that is just the start. People are turning up dead all over the place, and his mom has just been pronounced dead. His journey to escape and go to the place where he and his mom shared as a child leads him through the war to

Faeries Path by Frewin Jones

Hello again everyone! It is Monday which means it is time to upload a review on my latest book series!!!!! This week I set out to read the Faerie Path, an odd book with many ups and downs. All in all it wasn't all that bad a book, but in the end I don't know if I would read the next book in the series. I suppose I will, only because the story isn't quite complete, but if it doesn't get better I'm done. So we meet Anita, who is about to turn sixteen and is going to tell the boy of her dreams that she loves him. But the day before her birthday her and the boy Ethan get into an accident and they end up in the hospital for a few days. When Anita is allowed to see Ethan again he is gone, and no one can find him. To add to all the craziness in her life she had a weird dream where she grew wings, that might not have been a dream to begin with. And to add onto that, she receives a mysterious parcel with a weird diary in it from an unknown source. Soon she is pulled