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Sweet Sacrifice by L. D. Rose

Hey everyone. Sorry for the late review on this one. I had meant to have this done for Monday morning but I had a very busy weekend taking care of an injured baby squirrel. But it's with the humane society now so I have time to write the review. The book came out just last week so I haven't missed the boat by too much here. I've already read and reviewed two other books by this author that have no connection to this one (as far as I can tell). It is also one in a series of other books, according to Goodreads, but they also don't have any connection. So it is a standalone book in a series with the same general name, The Soul Mate Tree. Since this is the one I read, let me tell you a bit about it: Sebastian, Bash as others call him, died when he took a grenade to save his comrades. He was pulled from purgatory by the Archangel Michael to join the angel army in fighting the demons and all they stand for. And for a time he does his job without complaining, much. It

Black Bullet by L. D. Rose

Hey everyone, I'm back again. I know it's been a while but now that I am back in school I am going to try to keep a more regular reading schedule. I won't be working so much so I'm hoping I'll actually want to read and write more often. And I'll start that by catching up on books I've read and writing the reviews for them. This book is the second book in the series and has been sent to me by the lovely author. The review for the first book is on my blog if you are interested in checking it out. This book carries on after the events of the last book left off from the point of view of a different one of the brothers. It tells the story of one of the strange hybrids who was created by one of the brothers. Let me tell you a bit about it: John was known as the Black Bullet in his human days. He had been one of the lead FBI agents who worked alongside the Hybrid brothers when they were hunting the vampires that preyed on the human population in New York. Th