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Another day in the life of K: Thursday

So Thursdays are pretty simple. I wake up around 8:30 when my roommate leaves for classes and go on my phone until I have caught up on everything. Around 8:45 I get up and get ready, grabbing something to eat before looking over my homework one last time. In this time I normally have some free time just to watch some TV or mess around on the computer. At 9:40 I head out for my first class. After that class I have one more class directly after that which goes until about 1:00 in the afternoon. Once I get back to the room my roommate and I go for lunch together. The line is normally pretty long to get into the cafeteria so it normally takes us almost an hour to eat before we come back to the room. At this time we normally get to work on homework, readings, and assignments for classes as we now have the rest of the week/weekend off to do all of the work that was assigned during the week. We sometimes go for dinner a little later on, although because I only have 9 meals a week I am no

Build the Strength Within by Dr. Deborah Carlin

So this week I am trying something a little different than usual... I was sent a copy of this book by the author and being a growing woman I decided I should read it and see if it could actually help me. To my surprise the book actually impressed me with how in depth and personal it could get. Not only does it look into all of the different ways you can effect your own happiness but it dives deeper into what it means to be happy for you and how you can achieve it using the means in your own life. She starts out simple, explaining who she is and how she went about finding the different means of finding inner happiness and strength. The book is one that is meant to be kept and not lent out to others as it is meant to be personal to you and you alone.  Many pages have spaces where you can input your own answers to the questions she asks you to think about. Even if you are to skip over these parts because you have nothing to write them in she invites you to do exercises as simple as

Another Day in the Life of K: Wednesday

I wake up around 9 and basically sit at my desk until my roommate wakes up. She normally catches up on Supernatural (which comes on Tuesdays but she can't watch it in the dorm). Around 10:30 we go down for last minute Breakfast and then head back to the room. She heads off to class not long after that and I take a shower while she is gone and do my homework and assigned readings for the next few days. When she comes back from her classes around 1:30 we go for lunch. Once we get back we usually go to Walmart before her night class to pick up food that will hold us over until the weekend when we will make the trip up again. After getting back we usually eat a bit of the food we picked up and go back to doing work/reading/watching movies and things like that.  We go to dinner around 5 or 6 depending on how hungry we are and then she heads to class while I settle down with a movie of some sort. We still go to bed early on Wednesday nights because she has class at 8:30 the next mor

Where's Waldo? by Martin Handford

Alright everyone, this week I thought I would do something a little more fun than normal. When I was a kid, this book was my life. My dad would buy me one every year for my Birthday and we would sit up at night at do it together. But one of the pages in the last book we bought was ripped and we couldn't find him no matter how hard we tried. To this day I haven't been able to find that red and white striped loser. So some of you might be asking, what is this book about? As popular as it was when I was a child, not everyone understands the book. So let me tell you! Where's Waldo is a puzzle book designed to keep readers on their toes. As suggested by the title and cover of the book, you will be tasked with locating Waldo (The man where a red and white striped shirt and hat) in a large page filled with other people. It starts out pretty easy but gets harder as it goes along. In some of the scenes you are asked to find a certain kind of Waldo. In the last one I tried to


Hey everyone, I am going to have to postpone K's Classics for another time because I have a lot of work to do and I am having trouble getting it done. I'm hoping I will get one done for next Friday but we will have to see. Right now I have to make the decision to either post K's Classics or a review on Monday and the review means more to me then this little side post right now. Thanks for understanding. Have a nice weekend! - K

An Average Day in the Life of K: Tuesday

I wake up around 8 when my roommate goes out to dinner. My phone is right beside my head so I read until I am ready to get up. After going to the bathroom I come back to my desk and do some work on my computer. Sometime around 9 I eat and get ready to go to my first class of the day. After my first class I have another class directly after that. Once that is done I meet my roommate back in the dorm and we both head out to lunch. Not long after I get back I have to pack up my bags for my third class of the day. Tuesdays are my busiest days of the week because I have so many classes. Once class is over I come back and do some work on the computer until around 5:50, and then it is off to my last class of the day. That class isn't very long, only an hour, so I come back and meet some people on our floor for dinner. Today there is no reason to go to bed early because I have Wednesdays off from class so I can sleep in. My roommate and I often stay out late in the TV lounge with a few

Blood of Thieves by Michael J. Sullivan

Hello again everyone, back with another review. Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a great week (I know, it's Monday, hang in there). So a while ago I received this book from the author, who was very kind in doing so. I found out that it was actually the prequel of another book series, so I was happy that I would be able to read it before reading the next books. I find prequels give me a better understanding of the book series to come. We start our story through the eyes of Hadrian, a traveler with mysterious reasons who has just arrived in the city and is in need to move towards the university. After a scuffle with the local authorities he is on his way on a private barge with a small group of individuals.  He has heard that there had been a murder in the town he has left and everyone on the ship believes it to be a hooded man who travels with them and does not speak to anybody. Hadrian is reluctant to kill this man based on speculation, but the othe

K's Classics According to ModernLibrary (Readers List)

Alright everyone, I am back again with Part Two to the list of Top Ten Classic books. This time it is according to the readers, not the board. I did take a look at the books, mainly to make sure that they weren't exactly the same as the Board list, because that would just be stupid. Thankfully there is quite a difference so I have no problem using the list for this entry. Without further a due, here are your books! 1. Atlas Shrugged 2. The Fountain Head 3. Battlefield Earth 4. The Lord of the Rings !!! 5. To Kill a Mockingbird !!! 6. 1984 7. Anthem 8. We the Living 9. Mission Earth 10. Fear So I did better than the previous list by one, which is still pretty good for me. From now on I will be marking the books I have read with !!! just because writing a long description of the book seems like a waste of time.  My Classics is not to tell you which ones you should read, only to point out what different websites classify as 'Classic

Another day in the life of K: Monday

So I have decided to start something a little new to go along with this book blog. You all know a little about me through what you have read in my posts. You know I like to read and write by there is a lot that you don't know that goes beyond what you see on the blog. This segment will show you what an average day looks like in my life. Maybe you don't care and maybe you do, but this is happening so if you don't want to know just keep scrolling. I am hoping to post one of these every Wednesday until I run out of days. So here we go! Monday I wake up around 730 before my alarm to turn it off. My roommate is already in the shower or just getting in the shower so I normally grab my phone and go on 9gag to pass the time. When I hear the water shut off I get out of bed to get dressed. My stuffed bat Midnight might get lonely but I have to get food! Once my roommate is done getting ready we both head down for breakfast in the cafeteria. She gets oatmeal and yogurt and I

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Look, new font colour! Don't worry it isn't to stay, it is just for the holiday. I won't be doing the K's Classics today to celebrate, and because I am handing out candy tonight. Aren't we lucky that Halloween landed on a Friday this week? That gives me a reason to do another post without having to go out of my way and bug you all with my postings! I hope everyone is wearing great costumes this year, and if you are too old for Halloween (yeah right) or don't celebrate (I respect that) I hope you are using the time to read all of the great horror novels that come out at this time of year. I usually try to get a few novels like that, but I get kind of scared by them, so I guess they are lost on me. You all must be so disappointed in me. So that is all I have to say for tonight, and I wish you all a Happy Halloween!  Enjoy your Ooky Spooky Reading session if you choose to go down that route, and say goodbye to all of the pumpkin goodies