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Hellos and Goodbyes

Hey everyone, so we are almost at the end of our summer, and sad as it is for me to say, it is time to take some time off reading. It isn't that I want to stop all together, but I am about to head off for my first year in University, and I know that keeping up with my readings and studying is going to be a very hard task along with the hardships of leaving home and living on my own for a while.  I have written up tons of reviews in advance to buy myself some more time, but I don't know when the next time I will be able to write will be.  Reading is still the most important thing to me, and I still love to write, but like I said, my future is important to me and I want to be able to get good grades in school so that I can afford to do all the things I love such as this blog and my books. For a time I had considered a degree in journalism, but I have instead decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a lawyer instead, because I can write all I want, but becoming a lawyer is a ch

Dark Visions by L. J. Smith

Here we are once again with another book, as promised, and this one was much better than the last one I did. I expected it to be good as it is by my favourite author, L. J. Smith, and she once again did not let me down. It had a very original story line, and the characters were done just as well as they always are. And as usual, she ends it well and the audience is somewhat satisfied, and somewhat disappointed, but in a good way. Kaitlyn has an interesting ability that no one knows about. When she draws, every one of her pictures comes true in the future. But she draws in a trance, and she can't control what she draws. It is terrifying, but she can't control it. Then she gets recruited into a program where teens like her can learn to harness their abilities. There she meets someone who can control animals, someone who can control dice, and a few other people with different powers. Then she meets the vampire. He sucks the spirit out of people, and can connect people minds

Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan

Hey everyone, another week coming and going, and another book to review. This week I read the first volume of the Sweep series, regretfully. It started off alright I guess, but it just going stupid after the first book so I stopped reading it. But for the sake of this blog, I will still write the review. Morgan is a girl with little problems in her life. She has some good friends, and has an alright relationship with her family. But then Cal moves to town, and tells her all about his coven. That's right, his mother is in a coven, and he himself is a witch. Not that Morgan believes him at first. But all her friends are captivated by how handsome and charming Cal is, even if he only seems to have eyes for Morgan. Along with his help Morgan starts to get into magic, and she finds out that there is the possibility that she is also a witch like Cal, only a stronger one. Their group of friends forms their own coven, with Cal as the leader, and Morgan as one of the main spell caste

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Hello everyone, can you believe how quickly time passes? I mean, it seams like just yesterday that I started writing this blog and look how far I've come! I love writing here, and I love reading, and I am very thankful for everyone who has supported me up until this point! This week I read Glass Houses, which is the first in a very long line of books in this series. I have read a few of the other books, and I really do like them, because they come out quickly, the books, and they have a great atmosphere to them. Claire is new in Morganville, and is having a bit of trouble with her schooling because of bullies. That doesn't really get her down, and she ends up eventually moving into the Glass House in town with Michael Glass (I think that was his name :S) and a few other people.  It is weird for her moving in with two boys, but at least there is a girl living there, despite how weird she is. But the boys in the house are hiding a secret, that even her new friend doesn'

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Hey everyone, another great week I hope! This week I read a book series (yes the entire series) called the Iron Fey series, starting with this book here The Iron King. I absolutely loved this series, because the author wrote so clearly, so fluently, and so amazingly that for a time I forgot I was reading and I thought I WAS the character of this book.  Megan lives an interesting life, though she only has one friend, Robby, she still finds comfort in her small family. Even though her step dad doesn't seem to remember that she exists, her younger step brother loves her and her mom takes good care of her. But as her birthday approaches Megan starts seeing people in the woods, and Robby starts acting funny. When her brother disappears and then reappears acting strange, she wants to figure things out. But she doesn't expect what she gets. Robby is actually the infamous Robin Goodfellow from the old tails, and has been watching over her since she was a child and making her for