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By the Hands of Men: The Old World by Roy M. Griffs

Hey everyone, I'm posting a little late today because... well, I don't actually have an excuse. I was eating McDonalds and then found a funny video online and well... I'm doing it now do there is no reason to go on. A couple weeks ago I received this book to read from the very generous author. It is a Historical Fiction set in World War One from the point of view of a nurse working near the front lines. I love stories from War because they are part of our history and I think it's important to know more about it. This book was also great for me because we had just gotten to the part about World War One in my European History class (both of the ones I am taking). But let me tell you a bit about the story: Charlotte is a Russian nurse who has been working on the front lines since close to the beginning of the war. Her and her friend from America have been working hard and have learned many things while treating the wounded. For a couple of months Charlotte is moved

Kitty Hawk and the Mystery of the Masterpieces

Oh my goodness, another Kitty Hawk! Hello everyone I hope you are having a great Monday. As you may remember a couple months ago I read the first four books in the Kitty Hawk series. Technically I was reading this one too but I took it with me when I went to my parents for the Holidays and forgot it there, and then getting it back took forever. But finally I did get it back and spent a good week reading it over again. I have to say I am super excited to be reading Kitty Hawk again. There aren't any more of the series out right now (super bummed out about that) but I will be watching for them on Amazon for the next one. As always Mr. Reading does a great job putting Kitty into situations that arise suspense and intrigue. And this time Charlie was with her! Super exciting. But let me tell you a bit about it. Kitty Hawk is back in another heart racing Mystery, this time with her old friend Charlie joining the hunt. She finds herself in Italy on her journey around the world in

Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all having a good day. This week I read this book, which is a post-apocalyptic (sort of) survival story. To be honest the second book in the series was on sale at my book store for $1.25 and it reminded me how much I wanted to read this book a long time ago. So seeing as I had already bought the second book I had to read the first one. First opinions; I love me a good survival story, especially when it involves plague. And although this book is probably in the younger genre it was still a good read. It is always good when the author understands survival and is able to communicate how teenagers learn to do it. But let me tell you a bit about the story: One day on the way to school a massive hail storm struck sending two buses filled with children seeking shelter in a department store. When the only adult in their group leaves to find help the children become locked in the store with no way to get out. At first they are confused when they

BOOK GIVEAWAY!!! (Open to US and Canada only)

Oh my goodness everyone, it is finally happening! For the first time I am hosting a book giveaway on my blog! But because this is the first time and I am short on money at the moment I am only opening it to US and Canada entries. Sorry about that. If I get a really good turn out for the giveaway I might consider opening it up to other countries. I will be giving away ONE copy of The First Days by Rhiannon Frater. Because it is my copy it isn't in PERFECT condition but it is in pretty good condition. I always take care of my books. The Link to my review on this book is here: Please read the rules before you enter this contest! THIS IS IMPORTANT! RULES No purchase or payment required. The odds of being selected as a winner depend on the number of entries received. To enter this contest you must be 18 years of age or older or the age of majority in your country. You must be a resident of The

Forestium by Christopher Morgan

Good Monday everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend. I have so many books on the go that it is hard to keep up with them all and my school work. But still I push on. A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be sent an advanced copy of this book to read. Just the other day the book was officially published so my review will give you all a chance to get the book. I will provide the links to the sites at the bottom of the post. The book itself is a little different than what I normally do. But I love experimenting and reading books that suit all different audiences. This book is a Fantasy book, set in a magical world. Let me tell you a bit more about it. Joshua has lived his life in his village with his mother after his father died many years ago. For years he has had dreams of his father suffering leading him to believe that he is still alive. Now he thinks it is his time to go looking for him. The timing couldn't be better as he and his friend Andrew come acro

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are now into March, meaning Spring is almost here! This month I have a lot planned for the blog. Last month I updated the look of the blog (some of you might have noticed) and I fixed the comment system so now you don't have to have a G+ account to post. Please take advantage of that and let me know what you like and don't like. This month I would love to get some recommendations from everyone on what types of books they would like to see more of, recommendation of favourite books, ect. Just let me know what you think. I will look into putting up a program to make it easier for you to communicate with me. We'll see. I would love to host a contest on the blog but for months now I have been looking into it and I have too many problems to really get it off the ground right now. My biggest problem is the price. I don't have the financial means to ship anything all over the world and I can see that I have an interanational audience. The 4 ye