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Lost Amid the Cosmic Storm by Mike Phillips

Good evening everyone. This review is coming a little late since I had to work a double shift today. In the past I have reviewed another book by Mike Phillips, which you can also find in my blog. I liked the last book he wrote but this one blew me out of the water. Now, let me make this clear, this book isn't out just yet. This is an ARC that I received. I will send out another post announcing when the book actually comes out with a link to the page where you can buy the book if you are interested. If you are looking for a book that explores the lengths humans will go to follow their beliefs, through an unknown landscape with endless amounts of danger, this is the book for you. Basically, if you love adventure fantasy books this is a great read. Mr. Phillips has a strong voice in a way that I don't feel the author in the story at all. It flows so smoothly that it doesn't feel like you are reading it at all. After a few chapters I really got into the story and I read t

By The Hands of Men Book Two: Into the Flames by Roy M. Griffis

Hey everyone I hope you are having a great Monday. This week, as promised, I have found the time to finish a book and do a review. A while back you may remember that I did a review for book one in this series. Normally I don't do a review past the first book in the series but in this case I am making an exception. I love history and historical fiction. The first book dealt with the First World War and this one deals with the battles that went on after. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to read this book and I will be reading the third book as well. But let me tell you about this book: Warning, if you haven't read the first book this will spoil the ending. The Great War has ended but for Charlotte the battle still rages. Her loving soldier, who had asked her hand in marriage, had forgotten all about her after nearly dying of influenza. Having nothing to hold her in Europe anymore she takes her broken heart and heads home to Russia. On her way there she is taken h

Super Sorry

Hey everyone really quick thing. This week I wasn't able to get a review written (or a book read) due to a few things. One, I work two jobs so I have had a lot of shifts and not a lot of free time. This doesn't normally get in the way but I am moving in a few weeks and the landlord suddenly decided that she is going to be showing up unannounced at our door for the entire weekend with people hoping to rent. Basically I have been standing by all weekend smiling like I don't hate every person who comes through my door. I'm really sorry I don't have a review ready for today but hopefully this will all be dealt with before then so I have a chance to get some reading done. Thanks for your patience, K

Vanished by Wil S. Hylton

Hey everyone I hope you are having a good Monday. This week I decided to read a book that is more of a non-fiction book that a historical-fiction. I had picked this book up after reading another non-fiction book since it was so good and got me in the mood for some historical reading. Some of you may know that I love history of World War Two and anything going on during the periods of war. This book seemed right up my alley but I didn't enjoy it like I had hoped I would. It took me twice as long to read as a normal book simply because I kept putting it down. But let me tell you a bit about it: During World War Two there were many planes that flew all over the world fighting and keeping peace. Of the many planes and pilots that didn't make it home one sparked rumours through a country. An American bomber that crashed landed in Palau was not found despite reports of it crashing in shallow clear waters. People reported seeing the crew make it out of the plan before it crash