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Teen Books vs. Adult Books

I know a lot of people think that one side of the spectrum is better. You may love teen books for a variety of reasons. Likewise, you may love adult books because they are different than teen books. Or, you may not like either or like both. Let's discuss the main differences between them. Teen Books: Teen books are something that many of us start reading before we are even teenagers. Some of us continue reading them even once we have clearly outgrown those years or our lives. But if you sit down and read a 'classic' teen book and then immediately read a 'classic' adult book (for this purpose we are using adult fiction for all examples) you would notice that there is a great distinction in the tone, content, pace, and feel to the book. Teen books tend to have a quicker pace. No matter how slow the pace moves there is always a heart racing action that is packed into every page while the author tries to pull you along. The characters are obviously younger, less div

The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue

Sometimes when you start reading a book by the second chapter you already have a rating in mind. In many cases that rating will stay the same until the ending where the outcome will determine whether or not it loses a star, or gains a star. This book was one of those instances where the ending gained it a star. This book was something that I had seen many times when I went to the bookstore. Since I see it all the time and it is always in a well displayed section I thought I might as well give it a read. First thoughts of the book; the beginning had a slow start with a lot of questions and very little answers. The story switches between 4 different points of view, which I also am not a huge fan of. Thoughts by the ending; not going to lie, the ending messed me up a bit. I love a book where there is a good twist at the end that makes you see the whole book in a different way. This earns this book one extra star. Holly is at her last straw. Her son has been more than she can hand

A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

Good evening everyone. Today I finished reading a Sudden Light, which was in the bestselling selection at my local book store. I figured since it was a popular book I should give it a read. The description seemed different from my normal work but also looked promising.  The first thing I noticed when I started reading was that the writing style was relaxed and easy to get into. There weren't many characters to keep track of, the location was a nice country setting, and the plot didn't move too quickly. All in all I felt perfectly relaxed and entertained reading this book. Trevor is going through a rough time in his life. He is about to turn 14 and his parents have just separated. Not only that but he has lost his home, been forced to travel across the country to live with his distant father to live with his grandfather and aunt who he has never met. While at the house he gets to know his grandfather better despite his dementia. He starts to know his aunt who has mood swi

Poll One

Hey everyone. Last week I stated that I would be too busy on Wednesdays to get a really good post out. So instead I had decided to try to do polls so that viewers like you can have their voices heard. The first poll is posted now with the question: What type of books would you like to see more of? You should see the poll right off to the side of this post. It will be up for one week and next Wednesday there will probably be another one. You are allowed to choose multiple answers. There will also be more options in the coming weeks so for now just answer the best you can. I will take every answer into great consideration. This blog can become much better with your help. So thank you for participating. Have a great day everyone and happy reading! - K

David Bowie Biography

THOUGHTS BEFORE I am not going to lie, for the longest time I have had an irrational fear of David Bowie. There is no description to the fear I feel any time I hear his voice or see his face. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't think he is a bad person. I honestly think he is attractive and has an interesting story. No matter how much I tell myself it is ridiculous I may never get over my fear of him. You may be thinking, "K, if you are scared of him why are you reading his biography?" Simple answer? My friend bought it for me for Christmas as a joke because his face is on the cover and she enjoys tormenting me. I figured since I don't normally read biographies that I will give it a shot. After all, this is a book blog and that means reading books of all different kinds. The next section will give you my thoughts on the matter AFTER reading the book. (this is written a month ago) THOUGHTS AFTER I have just finished reading the book only to hear this morning


Good day everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! The new semester of school just started and unfortunately Wednesdays are my rough days. Even now I am posting this entry from my classroom... don't be like me. Pay attention in class. So from now on I will try to move most of my posts and updates to Fridays and will figure something out for Wednesday posts. Right now I am thinking of hosting a new poll every Wednesday maybe starting next week. I hope everyone will participate in the polls to make this blog a lot better. Now I need to go back to class... Have a great day everyone and happy reading! - K

Dead Days: Episode One by Ryan Casey

Hey everyone I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is looking forward to returning to their everyday lives... I know, I'm not either. But now we have hopefully all caught up on well needed sleep and have had a lot of books to read. Last night I decided it was time I actually read a book before the review today. I know; bad. But this is a quick read with a lot of details. I can certainly see why this is meant to be a series of episodes in future books. This book is more like the first in a series of short stories than an actual book. Let me tell you a bit about it: Riley is having a pretty bad day. First: he didn't get the job he was hoping for. Second: He lied to his grandma, the only person he has in his life, about getting the job. Third: Someone has eaten his neighbour.... When he comes home and finds the body of his neighbour lying in the parking garage he knows something is wrong. His worst worst thoughts are confirmed when he sees the body come to life a