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Wednesday Update!

Hello, hello, hello! I hope you are all having a great week, and if you aren't, well... it's half over! I just thought I would stop in with a really quick update for you all, because it has become a habit to post on Wednesdays and I don't like to break habit.  I've started reading a few books and put them down (never a good sign) but there are other projects I have on the go. School is keeping me busy, busy, busy so I am hoping to sneak some reading and writing in between study breaks. Just a couple more weeks and I will have a week off of it all (I hope).  Good luck in all you do for the rest of the week and I will see you on Monday! - K

Cajun Nights by D. J. Donaldson

Hey there everyone! Happy Monday! Don't make that face... Anyway, this week I finally read the first book in the series that I have been posting so many of. What do you mean about time? I am a busy person! Anyone the publisher was nice enough to send me the first book in the series which finally clears up a few things for me. I have really been enjoying working with this publisher and reading these great books. And now that I know what is going on in the series, it is about time you found out what was going on too, right? Kit Franklin has just been hired to work for Broussard, which we know she does well at down the road. But we don't start with her story. In fact, we start the story a little while in the past when people could be hung for their crimes. And of course since people can be hung, we will start the scene with a good old fashioned hanging! A young man and his servant, accused of a crime are sentenced to death. But before he dies the young man puts a curse on t

Happy Wednesday!

Good day everyone, I hope you are having a nice week. This will be just a quick Update for you all. I have been reading like crazy lately because I have found a great new section of books in the literature section at our local bookstore. I am very excited to keep checking off more books on my 2015 reading challenge.  What I have checked off so far: - A book set in another country: Jurassic Park (will do review) set in Costa Rica  - A mystery or Thriller: Lost World (might so review...)  - A book based entirely on it's cover: Good Omens (certainly doing a review) - A book you started but never finished: Harry Potter (will not be updating review at the moment) So that is 4/52 books completed. I am ahead of schedule! I hope you are all reading lots and working on this challenge. I would love to challenge one of you if you are willing to take me on! But if money is the issue with completing the challenge I completely understand.  Don't forget that libraries, used book stor

Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

Hello everyone I hope you are having a good week. I thought this week I would do Kissed by an Angel, although I will not lie to you I really did not enjoy this book. This particular edition that I have the cover of is actually three books in one and for me it was two book too long to be enjoyable. The story isn't one that you can be satisfied leaving off after the first book in the volume. You actually have to read the whole thing to even have a general idea of what is really going on. By time I got to the end I was just happy that the damn thing was over with. Ivy is scared of water because she almost drown as a child. Tristan teachers her how to swim and soon they have a budding romance which quickly blossoms into true love. It's too bad Tristan just died in a car accident leaving Ivy heart broken and alone. But what Ivy doesn't realize is that Tristan has come back as her guardian angel of sorts and has been looking over her for the last few months. And in that ti

Happy Wednesday!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far (half-way there, just hang on!) I have a sort of funny story to share with you all today before I do anything else. So my friends and I usually go out for a 'girl's night' every Thursday evening, but since the new semester started our classes have made it hard to go out to an early dinner until about 8. Now let me explain why this is a bad thing. Me and my two friends are very anti-social. We like to go out to a local sports bar on campus and get burgers and have a drink together before we come back to the dorm. So we normally go early so that we can avoid what they call here on Campus, 'thirsty Thursdays' which is basically when everyone goes to drink. And if there is a game on it gets pretty bad. But it is the best place to go and the other bar is too small for us to enjoy a quiet dinner. So no we had to go later and when we got there they were already getting ready for the night shift. There w

Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Hey everyone I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. This week we will be looking at Eyes like Stars which is a different sort of book than I am used to reading, but still good none the less.  The whole book is set in a theatre and the main character loves acting and standing out from the crowd. There are great character interactions and the story is fun to read throughout the entirety of the book. So let me tell you a bit about what it is about. Bertie lives in the theatre and has lived there for almost all her life. But in this theatre things are a little different than in your average play house. Here every character from every play written into the large book on stage is real and lives within the walls of the theatre unable to leave.  Although they can't leave they are happy to live out their days performing the plays that were written for them and living up to their expectations within the theatre. Bertie loves watching them and enjoys living in a place where all she

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Hey everyone, welcome back to another review. This week we will be looking at the Host, which has become a movie since I read the book even if I didn't see it, and we will see what the book is really like. I read this during my Twilight phase because it was by the same author and felt that it might be just as good. In fact at this point in time I might even say that it was better. It was a large book and had a very long drawn out story line, but at the same time it was worth the whole time I spent reading it. So even though it is a movie I realize that there are many people who haven't seen the movie or read the book so I thought I would fill everyone in on the other book that Stephenie Meyer has written besides the iconic Twilight. Let me tell you a little about what this book is about. In the future the human species has been taken over by what are known as the hosts. The hosts basically are little jelly things that have traveled all over the universe possessing diffe