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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Today is the last day of 2014 in case you haven't noticed. Over the year I have read many books and done many reviews. I hope you all are continuing your reading now while you have a small break from work or school. And if you don't have a break, than you should take some time to yourself to do some reading! With the new year just hours away I thought that I would share with you a reading challenge for 2015 that I myself plan on completing. Now I know this is a little small so feel free to enlarge it and print it off if you think you would like to give it a try. Also keep in mind that I got this from the internet, I did not create this challenge, and that I am simply passing on the message to you all. I personally am very excited to start this and have bought most of the books to get started already. Keep in mind this doesn't start until tomorrow morning so no cheating and starting early. Thankfully with Christmas over I now have plenty of gift cards

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Hello again everyone, how are you? This week I looked at the book Evermore. I have read this book a few times and still have trouble giving it a general rating. I like it, but I don't love it. There are certain parts that I loved and others that I wanted to rip apart. That contrast made rating it really hard. And it is hard not to bring into context that I read the rest of the books in the series (save the last two) and didn't like them all that much either. So after that riveting entrance let me give you an idea what you are up against. Ever has lived an okay life. Sure, her parents and sister were all killed in a tragic car accident a few years ago where she should have died. But she didn't and since then she has never really been quite normal. For starters she has the ability to read people's minds, auras, feelings, see into their past just by touching them, and has never really fit in with the popular group. But her Aunt loves her and her two friends Miles an

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas eve here in Canada and surprisingly for once we are lacking the snow in my area. Now that I am home from school for the Holidays with exams over it is finally time to get into the spirit of Christmas. I've already received one gift, a beautiful Katana that was specially designed, and I am excited to see the wonderful things that will be opened tomorrow morning. I hope that everyone is spending some quality family time this Holiday (even if you don't celebrate Christmas) and that they are planning on having a wonderful dinner with those closest to them. My grandparents are coming over tonight for a nice take out dinner and to stay the night as they always do on Christmas eve. With so many different Holidays being celebrated at this time I would just like to do a shout out to all of them and to wish you all a Merry Christmas for my Wednesday post. This will be just a short post now because I have to do some more decorating and wrap a few more presents. So

The Giver by Lois Lowry

So as you can all see by the title this week I am doing a review on the Giver! Yes, I am aware that this book is becoming a movie and that is precisely why I am writing a review on it despite the fact that I read it so long ago.  For many people this is a book that they read when they were younger or had read to them. But it is one of those stories that has so many deeper meanings that children don't always get when they read it the first time. For me it took many years for me to think back to the story I had heard in Grade 5 and think about what the meaning of it was. But this book was so good that over the years I managed to keep it in my mind at all times even be able to remember many of the details about it more than ten years later. Jonas lives in a society where everything is thought to be perfect. Rules are regulated swiftly and everything in life is governed by the people who are higher up. Marriages are decided for you, your job is decided for you, and who you becom

You Might be Introverted If...

My roommate and I are incredibly introverted. I've always known that I was an introvert but it wasn't until about halfway through our first month here that we realized just how much we disliked being around other people. Side note: We get along fine because we do not need to talk to each other every moment of the day. Most of our time is spent in silence reading or watching movies. So one day we were going about our silence in watching a film when there came a knock at our door. Unsure what to do my roommate got up and looked through the peephole, being very careful not to make any noise. At this time it was pretty late at night and we were planning on calling it a day within the next ten minutes.  When she realized that is was one of our floor mates who comes over from time to time (and has a bad habit of staying much later than we would like) she panicked and ran into the bathroom. Not wanting to deal with the situation either I slid underneath my desk and remained there


So I know what you are all thinking. What is K doing? Reading Twilight? Don't you know how soooooooo over it is? The answer is YES I know all of that and YES I am still doing a review on it, now let me tell you why... While it is true that Twilight is a thing of the past and has been greatly over popularized it is still a book that once did very well among people before they decided it sucked. I like to think of this series as a 'gateway drug' into reading. I will admit that before the hype about Twilight I didn't do a lot of reading because I was young and preferred other things.... like anime.... SO my mom had heard about the books and bought them for me to read. At first I didn't want to but after a while I tried a shot at them (keep in mind that this was before the movies came out). I actually loved the series when it came out and for months I re-read the saga over and over again until my mom told me to read something better.... After that was when I start

Life In Ottawa

As some of you might have picked up on, I live in the wonderful city of Ottawa in Canada. I have no problem telling you all this because it is such a large city that I have faith that stalkers will not be able to track me down (I hope). I have lived in Canada my whole life but before coming to school here I had never been to the Capital. Now that I am living here for the year I have found that there are so many things that I could be doing all day, besides reading.  The Parliament buildings are amazing, although it is really only something I would want to see once. The second time just isn't that amazing. But besides that there are still lots of other things to do around the city rather than hanging around the Prime Ministers office. The court house is there, and if you are a law major like myself (surprise!) that is actually a really interesting building to visit. Yes, I am a law student. Writing is my life but I aspire to be a lawyer one day while keeping up the writing as a

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Hey everyone, back with another book! This week I read Wicked Lovely which is a Faerie book. That isn't bad or good I just thought I should let you know. I had and still have a bit of mixed feelings about how I feel about the book. It isn't that I don't like the Faerie books, because I have read some damn good ones, but I found this one felt a little... odd. That is the only way I can describe the feeling.  So without further waiting let's get down to it! Aislinn (yes that is her name get used to it) has grown up knowing the rules about faeries. The main one that you really need to know about are that you don't let them know you can see them. Aislinn and her family have always been able to see things that others can't and because of that it is told that her mother was killed.  But despite her grandmothers effort she manages to attract the attention of one of the most powerful faeries; the would be King Keenan (yep, that's his name) who has been going

An Average Day in the Life of K: Black Friday!

So Friday's for me are normally pretty boring because I don't do anything at all. So instead I will tell you about what I did last Friday because it was pretty memorable I guess. At least it will be better than telling you about all of the nothing I do all day. Anyway, last Friday was what American's call Black Friday. Here in Canada we don't get all crazy about it but it is a good time for us to go shopping and calmly check out the deals to see if they are worth buying. My floor mate woke up early (like 9:00) and came to wake us up because she was just so excited to get all of her Christmas shopping done. After bickering for a bit about how early it was she left for a bit to let us get ready. We went to breakfast not long after that with another floor mate and then came back to have a shower and get dressed up warm so that we wouldn't freeze while waiting for the buses to come. It was still pretty damn cold while we sat outside for ten minutes waiting for the

New Orleans Requiem by D.J. Donaldson

Alright give me one second to rage... STUPID DAMN INTERNET HOW HARD IS IT TO LOAD ONE SIMPLE DAMN PAGE SO I CAN WRITE ONE DAMN BLOG ENTRY!? I DID NOT SPEND ALL DAY SEARCHING THROUGH BOOKS FOR SOME BULL CRAP TO SCREW UP ALL GOD DAMN DAY! ALL I WANT IS TO DO SOME WRITING I PAY 15,000 DOLLARS TO COME TO THIS UNIVERSITY AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE INTERNET THAT F*CKING WORKS?! Okay, raging done. It's been a long weekend. So a lot of my blog has been delayed lately mostly due to the internet and work load. Because for some reason it takes me longer to load a page to write an entry then it does to read the book. Piece of- I said I was done... So this week, or last week, I read this book which is another book in the same series as Louisiana Fever.  Kit and Broussard are back in this novel where there is a large convention (not really a convention) of scientist in town for one big meeting. Both characters are pretty busy and stressed out because of it so hopefully nothing goes w

Another day in the life of K: Thursday

So Thursdays are pretty simple. I wake up around 8:30 when my roommate leaves for classes and go on my phone until I have caught up on everything. Around 8:45 I get up and get ready, grabbing something to eat before looking over my homework one last time. In this time I normally have some free time just to watch some TV or mess around on the computer. At 9:40 I head out for my first class. After that class I have one more class directly after that which goes until about 1:00 in the afternoon. Once I get back to the room my roommate and I go for lunch together. The line is normally pretty long to get into the cafeteria so it normally takes us almost an hour to eat before we come back to the room. At this time we normally get to work on homework, readings, and assignments for classes as we now have the rest of the week/weekend off to do all of the work that was assigned during the week. We sometimes go for dinner a little later on, although because I only have 9 meals a week I am no

Build the Strength Within by Dr. Deborah Carlin

So this week I am trying something a little different than usual... I was sent a copy of this book by the author and being a growing woman I decided I should read it and see if it could actually help me. To my surprise the book actually impressed me with how in depth and personal it could get. Not only does it look into all of the different ways you can effect your own happiness but it dives deeper into what it means to be happy for you and how you can achieve it using the means in your own life. She starts out simple, explaining who she is and how she went about finding the different means of finding inner happiness and strength. The book is one that is meant to be kept and not lent out to others as it is meant to be personal to you and you alone.  Many pages have spaces where you can input your own answers to the questions she asks you to think about. Even if you are to skip over these parts because you have nothing to write them in she invites you to do exercises as simple as

Another Day in the Life of K: Wednesday

I wake up around 9 and basically sit at my desk until my roommate wakes up. She normally catches up on Supernatural (which comes on Tuesdays but she can't watch it in the dorm). Around 10:30 we go down for last minute Breakfast and then head back to the room. She heads off to class not long after that and I take a shower while she is gone and do my homework and assigned readings for the next few days. When she comes back from her classes around 1:30 we go for lunch. Once we get back we usually go to Walmart before her night class to pick up food that will hold us over until the weekend when we will make the trip up again. After getting back we usually eat a bit of the food we picked up and go back to doing work/reading/watching movies and things like that.  We go to dinner around 5 or 6 depending on how hungry we are and then she heads to class while I settle down with a movie of some sort. We still go to bed early on Wednesday nights because she has class at 8:30 the next mor

Where's Waldo? by Martin Handford

Alright everyone, this week I thought I would do something a little more fun than normal. When I was a kid, this book was my life. My dad would buy me one every year for my Birthday and we would sit up at night at do it together. But one of the pages in the last book we bought was ripped and we couldn't find him no matter how hard we tried. To this day I haven't been able to find that red and white striped loser. So some of you might be asking, what is this book about? As popular as it was when I was a child, not everyone understands the book. So let me tell you! Where's Waldo is a puzzle book designed to keep readers on their toes. As suggested by the title and cover of the book, you will be tasked with locating Waldo (The man where a red and white striped shirt and hat) in a large page filled with other people. It starts out pretty easy but gets harder as it goes along. In some of the scenes you are asked to find a certain kind of Waldo. In the last one I tried to


Hey everyone, I am going to have to postpone K's Classics for another time because I have a lot of work to do and I am having trouble getting it done. I'm hoping I will get one done for next Friday but we will have to see. Right now I have to make the decision to either post K's Classics or a review on Monday and the review means more to me then this little side post right now. Thanks for understanding. Have a nice weekend! - K

An Average Day in the Life of K: Tuesday

I wake up around 8 when my roommate goes out to dinner. My phone is right beside my head so I read until I am ready to get up. After going to the bathroom I come back to my desk and do some work on my computer. Sometime around 9 I eat and get ready to go to my first class of the day. After my first class I have another class directly after that. Once that is done I meet my roommate back in the dorm and we both head out to lunch. Not long after I get back I have to pack up my bags for my third class of the day. Tuesdays are my busiest days of the week because I have so many classes. Once class is over I come back and do some work on the computer until around 5:50, and then it is off to my last class of the day. That class isn't very long, only an hour, so I come back and meet some people on our floor for dinner. Today there is no reason to go to bed early because I have Wednesdays off from class so I can sleep in. My roommate and I often stay out late in the TV lounge with a few

Blood of Thieves by Michael J. Sullivan

Hello again everyone, back with another review. Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a great week (I know, it's Monday, hang in there). So a while ago I received this book from the author, who was very kind in doing so. I found out that it was actually the prequel of another book series, so I was happy that I would be able to read it before reading the next books. I find prequels give me a better understanding of the book series to come. We start our story through the eyes of Hadrian, a traveler with mysterious reasons who has just arrived in the city and is in need to move towards the university. After a scuffle with the local authorities he is on his way on a private barge with a small group of individuals.  He has heard that there had been a murder in the town he has left and everyone on the ship believes it to be a hooded man who travels with them and does not speak to anybody. Hadrian is reluctant to kill this man based on speculation, but the othe

K's Classics According to ModernLibrary (Readers List)

Alright everyone, I am back again with Part Two to the list of Top Ten Classic books. This time it is according to the readers, not the board. I did take a look at the books, mainly to make sure that they weren't exactly the same as the Board list, because that would just be stupid. Thankfully there is quite a difference so I have no problem using the list for this entry. Without further a due, here are your books! 1. Atlas Shrugged 2. The Fountain Head 3. Battlefield Earth 4. The Lord of the Rings !!! 5. To Kill a Mockingbird !!! 6. 1984 7. Anthem 8. We the Living 9. Mission Earth 10. Fear So I did better than the previous list by one, which is still pretty good for me. From now on I will be marking the books I have read with !!! just because writing a long description of the book seems like a waste of time.  My Classics is not to tell you which ones you should read, only to point out what different websites classify as 'Classic

Another day in the life of K: Monday

So I have decided to start something a little new to go along with this book blog. You all know a little about me through what you have read in my posts. You know I like to read and write by there is a lot that you don't know that goes beyond what you see on the blog. This segment will show you what an average day looks like in my life. Maybe you don't care and maybe you do, but this is happening so if you don't want to know just keep scrolling. I am hoping to post one of these every Wednesday until I run out of days. So here we go! Monday I wake up around 730 before my alarm to turn it off. My roommate is already in the shower or just getting in the shower so I normally grab my phone and go on 9gag to pass the time. When I hear the water shut off I get out of bed to get dressed. My stuffed bat Midnight might get lonely but I have to get food! Once my roommate is done getting ready we both head down for breakfast in the cafeteria. She gets oatmeal and yogurt and I

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Look, new font colour! Don't worry it isn't to stay, it is just for the holiday. I won't be doing the K's Classics today to celebrate, and because I am handing out candy tonight. Aren't we lucky that Halloween landed on a Friday this week? That gives me a reason to do another post without having to go out of my way and bug you all with my postings! I hope everyone is wearing great costumes this year, and if you are too old for Halloween (yeah right) or don't celebrate (I respect that) I hope you are using the time to read all of the great horror novels that come out at this time of year. I usually try to get a few novels like that, but I get kind of scared by them, so I guess they are lost on me. You all must be so disappointed in me. So that is all I have to say for tonight, and I wish you all a Happy Halloween!  Enjoy your Ooky Spooky Reading session if you choose to go down that route, and say goodbye to all of the pumpkin goodies

Judging a Book by its Cover

Hey everyone, so I'm sure at some point in your life you have been told 'Don't judge a book by its cover', which if you are an avid reader of this generations work you will know that it is absolute crap. Maybe you disagree with me. Oh well, you're in denial. The other day I was at the bookstore with my roommate trying to find a good book to read. Now I was trying to find an exciting book that would get me back into the swing of reading since I haven't done it in a while so I start looking for the most eye catching cover. When I find one that looks catchy enough I read the description on it only to put it back on the shelf again. Why the hell did I pick that book, it wasn't even good?!  I'll tell you why! The cover looked damn fine! In todays world of buying books from a store you are not given blank covered books with the title on it and a description, you are given flashy covers that draw in your eye so that you will pick it up and increase your chan

Louisiana Fever by D. J. Donaldson

Hello again everyone! I hope you are having a happy Monday, I know I am possibly having one. (Inide joke). This week I read Louisiana Fever, which I found out after reading it that it was the fifth book in the series... whoops! Oh well, it happens from time to time, but it doesn't mean I still didn't understand the story. Thankfully the author was able to explain everything so well that I didn't realize it wasn't the first book until I took a better look at the description. And because of this, I am doing a review on this book despite where it sits on the list. Meet Kit, a detective in Louisiana who is currently house sitting a large mansion for a friend of her boyfriends who is out of the country for a year. But things are stirring up in her life when she starts receiving gifts and roses from an unknown sender.  When he invites her to meet him she is more than a little curious. But when she arrives to meet him she finds an older man waiting for her, who says only

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Hello everyone I am back again with another review. This week I will be reviewing Moby Dick, which has long been a classic on many of the lists from K's Classics.  I decided to finally read it after a while of nothing besides curiosity for what it would be about. After all, there is a whale in it, and a crazy guy with a peg leg. What isn't to love about a story as seemingly wacky about it? What I didn't take into consideration was the fact that it was a classic and therefore it did not have the layout of normal books that I would normally read. That was a mistake. So we start out meeting our main character, who seems so useless to the story that I can't even remember his name. He sets out for a port town so that we can go whaling, because he loves the sea and likes to be on boats. Okay then. On his way he meets a cannibal with whom he shares a room with. Turns out the guy is really nice, but he doesn't speak English well. So they strike up an unlikely friends

K's Classics According to ModernLibrary (Board List)

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good week (But that God it's over right?). I'm back again with another K's Classics, but this time I am going to be doing a sort of Two Part thing this week and next week. I found the list on but it had two parts to it, one being the Board list and one being the Reader list. I will be doing both of them over two segments of this. For the first part we have: 1. Ulysses 2. The Great Gatsby !!! 3. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 4. Lolita 5. Brave New World 6. Sound of the Fury 7. Catch- 22 8. Darkness at Noon 9. Sons and Lovers 10. The Grapes of Wrath  Okay, so I only got ONE but that is still better than last week, so I got that going for me. Next week I will be doing to second part to this website, and maybe if I am lucky I will do better. I haven't looked at the books yet, so I don't know a thing. Look forward to another review on Monday, and enjoy your weekend. - K

My Idea for a Harry Potter Spin Off!

So although the books weren't for me, that doesn't mean the movies were as well. I didn't have to movies, but being the stupid person who always asks useless questions during the movie as though they were real, I felt there was something missing... In my ideal spin off of Harry Potter it would be in TV show format. We would look back starting the exact moment Harry's mom found out she was a Witch. Not only would we get to see how Harry's Aunt and Uncle were when they were younger but it would give us great insight into Harry's moms life.  Then we would see her at Hogwarts meeting all the characters we love, including Harry's dad, Snape, Serious Black, and everyone's favourite character Tom Riddle... Since we are looking back that far we would also get to see Moaning Myrtle (I'm sorry about the spelling) backstory about before she died. Think of all the characters, think back to all the things that weren't explained in detail. If Harry's d

My 100th Post!!!

Hello everyone! Oh my God, is it really at 100 already? Yes, yes it is. This is my 100th post here on this blog! I was going to record a video for you all, but Blogger decided it was going to crap out and it wasn't uploading any video I made. Jerks. Oh well, you just get my written note then.  So over the past couple years of so (I'm not even sure how much time has gone by honesty) I have been writing this blog on Teen Books and so on. I do it as more of a hobby than anything, and it really makes me happy to be able to take the time to write reviews. It also gives me a reason to read, not that I should need one. Last week we officially hit 2000 views, that may not seem like a lot to most people, but it makes me really happy to see it get this far. I honestly never expected to even reach 1000 in this time and yet here we are. My goal is to reach 2500 by Christmas, but we will see how it goes. I won't be posting a review this week because this post will be taking it'

K's Classics According to Listogre

Hey everyone, finally back with another K's Classic. This time we will be looking at the Top Ten Books according to I haven't looked at the books yet, so I have no idea how I am going to do, but we will just have to see how it goes! 1. Cat's Cradle 2. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 3. Cosmos 4. One Hundred Years of Solitude 5. The Brothers Karamozov 6. 1984 7. The Alchemist 8. Meditations 9. Tibetan book of Living and Dying  10. Brave New World Holy crap, I didn't get a single one of those! What am I doing with my life? I haven't even heard of most of these books! But I guess that is the point of this whole thing.... Oh well, maybe I will do better next week (doubt it).  So I know this is a short one, because I can't say much about it since I did so horribly. I will go tend to my wounds now.  Enjoy your weekend and look forward to another review on Monday! - K

Happy Thanksgiving!

So this is kind of late (my bad) but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I didn't post my review this Monday because I was away with family celebrating. Let's be honest, reading can take a break for family. But I am still reading, and my plan is to have another review out this Monday AND a K's Classic this Friday if I get the chance to work on it. I have finally reached 2000 views and almost 100 posts on this Blog, and I wanted everyone to know how thankful I am for that! For my 100th post I have debated doing a video log of it, but I am still weighing my options because I hate myself on recordings. I would love to hear some opinions from you guys (seriously, please leave a comment or something so that I can hear from you).  I can see (through magic!) that I have been getting views not just from North America, but from countries all over the world. To me that is so amazing because it shows just how far I can go. I want to keep up this blog for as long as I ca

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Hey everyone, back again! This week I decided it was time I got on the 'Harry Potter' train! Now, don't hate me for this, but I didn't enjoy the book so much. I love Ms. Rowling, and I have a lot of respect for her. Her writing style was great, and her concept was amazing, but I have never really been into Harry Potter, not even the movies. So when I read this book it didn't hit it with me that much. I wish I could have been into it, because I know that a lot of people really loved it, but I just couldn't. So for those of you who have been living in a cave for the last couple years, then here is the basic outline of the book. Harry Potter was dumped with his aunt and uncle when he was a baby and his parents were killed. He has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead which is important in the story. As he grew up he was bullied by his cousin and treated like chopped liver by his 'adoptive' parents. On his birthday one years he receives a letter, which

K's Classics Postponed

Hey everyone, quick notice while I have a moment. For the next two weeks I will not be able to post a K's Classic because I have events that I need to attend, and no time to write. I apologize for the delay, but I really am busy these next couple weeks. Teen Book Review should continue without delay, I hope, but if anything is to come up I will post on Monday just a quick notice on why it isn't happening. I'm really sorry that I don't have time for this, I wish that I did, but in between essays, papers, midterms, quizes, tests, and my graduation, I just can't find the time to get anything in. Sorry again, - K P.S. Feel free to check out some of my other reviews at

Days with the Undead by Julianne Snow

Hey everyone, another week gone by and another story read. This one is a Zombie story, yay right? I had picked it up from an author I had met at FanExpo in a town not far from where I live. We quickly become acquaintances, and I agreed to read the book to give her an honest review. Well, Julianne, this is my review! The book was a great new take on Zombies, which is hard to believe because I have read sooooo many zombie stories that I can't think of any new takes on it. But you managed to capture my attention, and I loved how the different stories of people were incorporated into the book without interrupting the way the story was told. The story is told in a blog style, where the narrator is posting online her story day by day from the beginning and telling people what she is experiencing. She is accompanied by her friends, Barbara, Max, Ben, and Bob, with whom she has met over the years and who have all been preparing for this day and who all had first hand experience with

K's Classics According to

Hello everyone, running a little late today. So much work to get done it's not even funny. No seriously, don't laugh. Anyway, I am sneaking in some time between assignments to do this post, because it is Friday, and I am not going to miss a day for homework! I decided to see what Google, one of the biggest websites on the web would think of the Top Ten Classic books this time, and thankfully I think I have read some of them. I guess we will see now that we are getting started! 1. The Great Gatsby --> As I have said previously, yes I have read this book! 2. To Kill a Mockingbird --> Yes, I have also read this book, and I find it quite enjoyable. Even if I was forced to read it by my mean English teacher... 3. The Catcher in the Rye 4. Nineteen Eighty-Four 5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 6. Pride and Prejudice  7. Moby Dick --> Once again, I mentioned that I had read this one in previous entries. 8. Wuthering Heights --> Yep, read this one as w

War of the Worlds 2030 by Stephen B. Pearl

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to an even better week! A couple weeks ago I was at FanExpo in Toronto, and I ran into horror writer Stephen Pearl. Interested in his books, I bought this one and set out to read it while I was continuing my studies in University. Finally finished the book, and it was quite a good read.  So you know how it goes, here is the vague description of what it is about! In the not so distant future the world is at war with an alien race. We meet our hero's early on and see them reunite once again after what appears to be quite a while. The earth as we know it is not a very different place, and at first perhaps, we are quite confused. Through advanced technology we are able to go back to 2030 when it all began and watch the events that lead to the war unfold through the perspective of a few different people. From what we know, alien species came to earth, and put out a message of peace. The worlds scientists were b