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The Librarian's Daughter by M. M. Gavillet

Hello again everyone, this week I read The Librarian's Daughter, which was send to me as an advanced copy by the lovely author and Goodreads. Have to say, I didn't know what exactly to expect going into this book, and I wasn't disappointed by story. It had a good flow to it, the characters were pretty cool, and the author clearly put a lot of work into making it. Meet Abi, who's aunt and only guardian has just passed away. Forced from her home she spends some time with her cousin and her stupid husband, who seems more like a jerk than anything else (even for a lawyer). She doesn't plan on staying too long, just long enough to find a place to live, but she finds the perfect job, meets a cute guy, and seems to have everything going for her. But everything changes when she receives a letter from her dead mother in her aunt's will, and it reveals a whole new side of her life that she never thought could ever exist. As a Librarian, no not in an actual legit lib

The 'In-Between' Books

Hey guys, today I want to take the time to appreciate all the 'in-between' books. Now, you might ask yourself, what is an 'in-between' book? Well, an in-between book is any novella or short story that happens on the side of a good story. So that is mostly 0.5 books (prequels) or 1.5 books (Stories happening between the first and second books). These stories don't always have to be read to understand the book, but they are always a good read and might answer some small questions that you have been asking yourself that the original story only lightly touched on. A lot of the time you will see these books from the point of view of someone besides the original narrater,  and these people always give you more of a look on the story than what you normally see. By doing this the author is giving you either a sneak peak at what is to come, or they are trying to answer questions that they know their readers have been asking, but it is too inconvenient for them to answer t

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Hey everyone, I am taking a short break from reading my ARC's to do a book I really wanted to read. Throne of Glass has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me, and I finally was able to get a break to read it. I thought the author did an amazing job portraying the character of the assassin in a time that we know nothing about. Celaena is an 18 year old assassin who was sentenced to the mines under the kingdom to work as a slave for the rest of her life. Beaten and whipped she managed to survive a year with only killing one keeper and only nearly escaping the inescapable prison once. But now she is getting her freedom... In a way... The Crown Prince Dorian comes to her and asks her to fight as his champion in the upcoming tournament to decide the next champion of the King. If she wins, she will have the chance to work for the King for 4 years before she is given her freedom and is able to return to her home. But if she loses, she will be sent back to the mines with no hope of

North Of Boston by Elisabeth Elo

Hey everyone, so I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of North of Boston from the lovely author and Goodreads, and I thought I should give you my thoughts on the book. Now, it is not what I would normally read, as it is a bit above my age group, but I really have to say that I enjoyed it! It was packed with mystery and suspense, murder, love, and all the things that a teen would love. The only difference was that instead of from the point of view of a clumsy teen, it is from a grown woman, who is well on her way in life. So here we go! Meet Pirio, Russian descent, who is living in America, and has just recovered from a tragic accident that killed her friend. While they were out fishing in his boat they are run down by a large tanker and she is thrown into the icy waters out in the sea while her friend is drown aboard the ship. She lives, astoundingly, in the chilly waters for four hours, a hell of a lot longer than any human ever should be able to. This makes her a her