Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Hey everyone, K here. Just finished reading Ashfall as you can see by the picture above. It was my selected book from this week and the first thing I bought with the mass amounts of gift cards I got at Christmas time. It took me a while to be able to buy it, due to some problems, but now I have it, and it was quite an amazing read.
There is action right from the start that continues right until the end. In such a short amount of time so many things change to the point where it is almost amazing our hero survives! So let me explain this out for you.

Here we have Alex, who has been left behind after a fight with his mother before the family leaves to head up to stay with their uncle. A few hours after they leave the house explodes. Okay, not exactly 'explodes' but it bursts into flames, a wall implodes and Alex only just makes it out with his life. But just when everything starts to get normal again, like after an hour or so, the world begins to explode, for real this time.
Earthquakes rock the ground causing a sound so loud that it is impossible to hear. Alex takes shelter with his neighbours until it ends a few days later, but the world he comes back into is nothing as it was before.
They hear of the Yellow Stone volcano eruption thousands of miles away that has destroyed much of the country side. Ash is falling constantly even so far away and it makes travelling impossible for most.
After an incident that changes the way Alex looks at the world goes down, he has no choice but to venture out into the ash world on his own in search of his family. He hopes to find them at his uncles, but that is very far away, and will take him weeks to reach.
Equipped with one weapon, a set of skis and a few food supplies he heads out on his own. He meets some friends along the road and makes some enemies. But this is not the world he grew up in any more. And he will need to find his own way if he hopes to find his family alive. He will have to become a survivor.

A great read with realistic situations and characters. The events are horrifying, and yet not unreasonable. If you are into the post-apocalyptic books, certainly give this a read.
I gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating.
So until next time, have a nice day!
- K


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