The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien

Hey everyone! So the long awaited book of the century has been read finally! Lord of the rings was a fabulous movie with an amazing story line. For the longest time I have been waiting to read the series and see how much detail the movie had missed, and I must say I was not disappointed! 
I found that the movie really romanticized everything, adding in relationships between any character they could. And the hobbits were a lot different as they were actually almost 50 years old in the book, compared to the young looking hobbits in the movie. Now I understand that the hobbits in the movie were also that old, but it was hard to imagine because they had child like faces!
A character they missed out on in the movie, and whom they did a very good job completely leaving out in every way, was Tom Bombadill. The crazy old man who lived in the forests and was older than time itself. He was funny and insane all at the same time! A good combination if you ask me.

So the book starts out slow, explaining exactly what Middle Earth is and who the Hobbits are. You read a little history and all in all the beginning is quite boring. To be honest so is the first five or six chapters of the book.
You meet characters, family histories are introduced all the while along side the actual story. And what they didn't tell you in the movie is that after Bilbo, the main character Frodo's uncle, leaves for one last final adventure, there is a ten or so year timespan between when Frodo and Sam set off on their journey.
Long is their walk and they meet many friends and allies along the way, such as Strider, the mysterious ranger. And they tag along with a few old friends as well, Marry and Pippin (who is not stupid, as they portray him to be in the movie). But unlike in the movie both of the hobbits mentioned are not large characters until the second book, which I will not mention in this review.
After many run ins with the black riders, who talk in the movie and aren't as terrifying as portrayed in the movie, Frodo is injured and is taken by an elf, not Erwin, to Rivendale to be treated by the elves. There he meets up with Gandalf again and they attend a council meeting with Elrond who tells them of their quest.
Here we meet Gloin, Gimli's father who speaks more than Gimli to the hobbits. Then the nine; Legoless the Elf, Boromer and Aragorn the men, Gimli the dwarf, Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin the hobbits, and Gandalf the wizard on their journey south.
Along they way they meet great trouble with new enemies, and alas, Gandalf the great wizard is lost defending his friends from the might of the great demon Balrog.
From here the one less company meet in the ultimate city of the elves where they are refreshed and Frodo learns great insight from Lady Galandriel. Heading off from here they continue south until they are separated and Boromer attacks Frodo to try to get the ring from him.
Frodo decides then the leave the company and go off on his own so that no one else will be tempted by the ring. But his plan is thwarted by Sam, who refuses to let him leave alone. Having no other choice Frodo takes Sam with him and they head off leaving the others behind.

Now this is where the movie leaves off, leaving no hint at what might be happening to the others. I really enjoyed the book because I got to see a side to the story that the movie left out. And to meat new characters that the movie didn't mention was amazing.
If you have seen the movies, or even if you haven't, I would say read the book, as there is much you don't know that you should.
Any fan cannot truly call themselves a fan unless they have read the series.
And if you have not seen the movies, this is what I recommend. Watch the movies first. As in most cases the movie, as amazing as it is, could not live up to the book. And hearing the names said aloud can make reading the book easier.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Now I am reading the rest of the series, but to avoid too many spoilers I will not be posting those reviews on this blog. 
Hope you all enjoyed, and have a nice day :)


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