UFO Hunters by William K. Birnes

Hey everyone I hope you had a great weekend. With Halloween over we are getting into the colder weather. Cold weather means it is time to get out your reading socks, turn up the heat, grab a warm drink, and read a great book in bed. Here is Canada that weather comes on pretty quickly.
A couple weeks ago I finished a book at school and still had a few hours to kill before classes. So I went to the bookstore on campus, a place I spend a lot of time in, and bought this book for $2 to kill some time. When I started reading it I found that it was a lot different than I had expected it to be, considering what the topic is.
The first thing I should note is this is a non-fiction book. The second thing is that this book goes along with the TV show "UFO Files" as a description of the things they found in the episodes. Often times the chapters, laid out in a way that goes from episode to episode, ending with a blog by the author, describes things that you don't see in an episode.
Let me tell you a bit about it:

Starting with the episode that never happened the book takes the reader through the stories that crew learned on the way. From the things they saw, but couldn't put in the episode, to greater details on stories that they mentioned in the episode, each chapter explores a different theme.
It is a way to see the way the crew bonds over time as they make their way across the country looking for stories. It shows the science the group goes through to prove or disprove the theories they encounter on possible alien life.
Midway through the book there are pictures from the episodes giving a good shot at the behind the scenes action.
Follow the team through the weirdest investigations on TV at the moment as they attempt to figure out if Aliens or real or not. They'll use science, interviews, and information gathered over almost 50 years to find the truth.

One thing I found about this book was that every time I started reading it I immediately wanted to read something else. Sometimes it was because I was falling asleep while reading it and sometimes it was because it mentioned a story that sounded like a book that would be more interesting to read.
That being said, I really enjoyed the fact that this book wasn't entire "ALIENS ARE REAL!" There was actual science involved in deciding what was real and what was not. In one case they even openly admit that the science proves that there was a rational explanation for the story they heard, instead of just claiming something crazy.
Interest: B-
Information: C
Writing: C
Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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