Partials by Dan Wells

Hey everyone! Just finished reading Partials by Dan Wells, a book recommended to me by my best book buddy who always finds me good next series to read. All in all it was a good book with a good story line and a fantastic lead up.

Meet Kira, a new medic in the time after the war with the partials where a group of man made robots that had human DNA released a deadly virus called RM virus that killed almost all of humanity. Kira and a small group of other survivors have created their own civilisation where they try to find the cure for the virus as it kills any new born child. So basically, in the last 11 years since the partial war ended and all the partials disappeared, not a single child has been born.
Kira is 16 and is working hard to find the cure before the pregnancy age, the age that all woman must start getting pregnant and remain pregnant as long as they can, is dropped from 18 to 16. But after her best friend, who is basically her sister, gets pregnant, and she realises that her baby is going to die like the other thousands that have over the last many years, she decides to take a stand.
she starts her own research and finds that the scientists have tested every single source they could find to find a cure... except one: partials.
The only problem with that is that not only did a small group of them destroy the human race, but they disappeared 11 years ago and no one has seen them since.
But Kira is determined to let the baby live, so she and a small group of people disobey orders to stay away from mainland and take off to capture one. After a fierce battle they manage to kidnap one of the partials, and it is immediately seen as a threat when they get back to the city.
The senate wants it dead, but Kira thinks that she can find the cure from it. She is given 5 days to find the cure before it is killed.
But as she begins her experiments the partial, named Samm, opens up to her, and she starts to feel connected to him. Too bad the Voice, a rebel group of humans who want the downfall of the senate attack and Samm needs to be killed to satisfy the people.
See through Kira what she does to save him, and what the consequences are for her.

 A pretty good read, and I enjoyed the medical side to things. There wasn't a hell of a lot of adventure to it, but the details are great, and the story line well suited. I would give it a go if you get the chance, as it is rising quickly on the best sellers list.
I give the book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Until next week!


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