Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Hey everyone, just finished reading Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, so here's what I think. To be completely honest I only read this book because by chance I picked up the second book in the series and it looked, by what I read on the back, to be pretty promising. The first book didn't seem as promising, but as we all know one cannot simple start the second book without first reading the first.

The book starts out from a persons point of view as Evie comes to his house after an event caused most of the world to be killed or turned into zombies who search for anything to drink in the barren landscapes, even blood.Flash back to almost a year ago and we meet Evie, a girl living in Louisiana who has just been let out of an asylum because of her hallucinations she experiences. She is going back to school for the first time in a few years where she hopes to strengthen the relationship she has between her boyfriend and her best friend.
But there is a new boy, Jack, who is from the wrong side of the swamp who is intent on finding out her secret.
And her secret? She hasn't stopped seeing things, and hearing voices. A night she has horrible dreams of a vicious queen that kills with poison and for fun. If this wasn't enough to bug her, the world suddenly ends, and her best friend and boyfriend are dead.
We flash a couple of months down the road and Evie is struggling to keep her mother, who was injured looking for water, alive. She finds out that she can make plants grow, something that hasn't been possible since the Flash, as long as she pours her blood on them. And then comes Jack out of the fog, with warnings of a coming army that is looking for woman, and not to be soldiers.
After some very hard decisions are made Evie decides to leave with him, and they start their journey together. Along the road they meet Selene, and Matthew, a few other kids that have powers similar to Evie. And she finds out that she and the others are Arcana, tarot cards that each represent a character.
Selene, the backstabbing woman intent on stealing Jack away from her, is the Archer. And Matthew, the boy who is sending Evie the visions, is the Arch Angel, or the trump card. Worse than that, Death, a very strong card, is on her trail.
Evie is on a mission, to find her grandmother who may or may not be alive after all of this went down in North Carolina. But will zombies, cannibals, slavers and an angry militia stand in her way? Or will death catch up to her before even they can get her?

It wasn't as bad a book as I was first thinking it would be. In fact, it was actually pretty good. I went out the moment I finished and bought the second book in the series, which promises more action and more romance. So excited!
I would give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Hope you all have nice week, and I will post again next Monday.


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