The Librarian's Daughter by M. M. Gavillet

Hello again everyone, this week I read The Librarian's Daughter, which was send to me as an advanced copy by the lovely author and Goodreads. Have to say, I didn't know what exactly to expect going into this book, and I wasn't disappointed by story. It had a good flow to it, the characters were pretty cool, and the author clearly put a lot of work into making it.

Meet Abi, who's aunt and only guardian has just passed away. Forced from her home she spends some time with her cousin and her stupid husband, who seems more like a jerk than anything else (even for a lawyer). She doesn't plan on staying too long, just long enough to find a place to live, but she finds the perfect job, meets a cute guy, and seems to have everything going for her.
But everything changes when she receives a letter from her dead mother in her aunt's will, and it reveals a whole new side of her life that she never thought could ever exist. As a Librarian, no not in an actual legit library, but someone who has to look after caged magical creatures, she has to take over where her mother left off.
Oh, and the cute boy Kelan, a guardian in training, is looking after her while her house mate, Grace, tries to deal with some things on her own.
Too bad for Abi her mother's job is spilling into her own life. An evil sorceress named Victoria, who was once a Librarian, is coming after her to find something that Abi's mom stole from her. And who better to target than her own daughter.
Abi will have to learn how to defend herself in this world. Let's just hope things don't go too wrong.

All in all it was a pretty good book. It took me a little bit to get into, but once I started going it really flowed. I would totally recommend giving the book a go, as this is an original idea, and you may not get another chance to see something like this.
I gave the book a 3 out of 5 star rating. 


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