Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Hey everyone, I am taking a short break from reading my ARC's to do a book I really wanted to read. Throne of Glass has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me, and I finally was able to get a break to read it. I thought the author did an amazing job portraying the character of the assassin in a time that we know nothing about.

Celaena is an 18 year old assassin who was sentenced to the mines under the kingdom to work as a slave for the rest of her life. Beaten and whipped she managed to survive a year with only killing one keeper and only nearly escaping the inescapable prison once. But now she is getting her freedom... In a way...
The Crown Prince Dorian comes to her and asks her to fight as his champion in the upcoming tournament to decide the next champion of the King. If she wins, she will have the chance to work for the King for 4 years before she is given her freedom and is able to return to her home. But if she loses, she will be sent back to the mines with no hope of escape.
Seeing no other option, she accepts.
As the tournament goes on and she must hide her identity as the most skilled, and youngest assassin in history, she realizes that something is not right in the castle. The other competitors, great fighters and thieves like herself, are turning up dead, and the fact that they are half eaten means that it is not one of the other assassins.
Our young assassin now must deal with trying to win her freedom, dealing with the flirtatious prince, and staying alive long enough to make it to her home again. 
She makes friends along the way, and more than a few enemies, but will all her training be enough to save her from the beast roaming  the halls in the middle of the night?

I found this book interesting, as the author literally becomes the assassin, and you get to see the thoughts of someone who is trained to kill. At every turn she is analyzing herself, checking herself, and checking those around her. She is not a weak willed teenage girl who is used to being pushed around.
Push her and you are likely to get yourself stabbed like her keeper.
Follow along with her if you dare!
I gave this book a 4 out of 5 star rating, so if you get the chance, give it a try! 


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