North Of Boston by Elisabeth Elo

Hey everyone, so I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of North of Boston from the lovely author and Goodreads, and I thought I should give you my thoughts on the book. Now, it is not what I would normally read, as it is a bit above my age group, but I really have to say that I enjoyed it!
It was packed with mystery and suspense, murder, love, and all the things that a teen would love. The only difference was that instead of from the point of view of a clumsy teen, it is from a grown woman, who is well on her way in life. So here we go!

Meet Pirio, Russian descent, who is living in America, and has just recovered from a tragic accident that killed her friend. While they were out fishing in his boat they are run down by a large tanker and she is thrown into the icy waters out in the sea while her friend is drown aboard the ship.
She lives, astoundingly, in the chilly waters for four hours, a hell of a lot longer than any human ever should be able to. This makes her a hero in the eyes of the public. But things are not always what they seem...
There arises the possibility of the accident not being so much of an accident as much of a murder. But still, it is hard to believe... Even when it becomes apparent that the company her friend left has a lot of money at stake, and that he quit at a bad time of year with information that could bring down the company...
But besides figuring this mystery out, Pirio also has to deal with her alcoholic friend and her son who is also her godson and one of her best friends. Not to mention the reporter who is on her tail trying to get more information. Also, add in a crazy, maybe dying, father and the company she is going to inherit once he is gone. Yeah, she has a lot on her hand.
Will she be able to keep an eye on her godson, run a company, and solve her friends murder? Or will she fall victim to a company willing to do anything to keep their dirty little secret?

All in all, a great read, with realistic twists and turns and a funny female character for us to follow. Give it a try if you get the chance, because it is a story worth reading, if you do ask me.
I gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating. Have a nice day!


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