The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Hey everyone, look a real book! It was something I have been reading over a period of time and I am just finally finishing it up now! I love Max Brooks, ever since reading World War Z, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at a gathering last year and got one of my books signed by him. I find he is a great author who does his research and is never 100% certain that one thing will work better than everything else. He is realistic, and doesn't try to make hero's out of people who shouldn't be.

The book is not just about Zombie survival, but also about basic survival in different situations that are entirely possible. He explains how it might start, the Zombie plague, and what signs to look for in any plague situation, and how to best deal with the news.
He writes about different weapons to choose and what the benefits and drawbacks are of each one. At no point does he say one weapon is the absolute best to choose, but he does offer a list of weapons you should think about keeping on hand based on your body type, your physical strength, and your preferences. 
There are lots of tips on how you can use your size and shape to your advantage, and what to look for when putting together a list of survival gear. 
There are some places you should look at when planning your escape, and certain rules you need to follow when hoping to survive. The main rule was: 'Never be the hero' because it will get you killed and you won't last long in the world. There IS however, good advice on how to help cut down the numbers you are dealing with that is really helpful to take a look at. There is also good references on other books you could read for other helpful information of basic survival and other tips along those lines.

I really love the book, and even though it isn't a book with a 'story' so to say, it is still a great read. Max Brooks is an amazing author with a lot of research in different countries up his sleeve. He is great at coming up with stories that sound so real you can almost believe that it is true. I also have the comic/graphic novel version of the small stories he put in the Survival Guide, which is just as well detailed and just as good.
I would rate this book as a FIVE out of FIVE stars, and would 100% recommend giving this book a go if you get the chance. And keep it on hand because you never know when the Zombie plague will come to your neighbourhood. Start packing now, because the end is coming (at some point in the next 40 million years) and you don't want to be taken by surprise.


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