Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would write my review on Embrace, the first book in the "Violet Eden Chronicles" series. I love this series and even though this isn't the most interesting book in the whole series, it is pretty freaking good! The books are released quickly and the author is great at portraying her feelings through her characters, which I love. I have been a big fan of Ms. Shirvington for a while now.

Meet Violet, who is about to turn 17. It isn't as happy a moment as she was hoping for, considering it marked the anniversary of her mothers death. And as it approaches, she begins having dreams where she is attacked, and her scars are very real when she wakes up. Not to mention the tattoo making its way up her arm.
Her friend Lincon is trying to help her, but there is very little he can tell her, and he is withdrawing from her as a friend as time goes on. Still confused, Violet turns to a man named Phoenix she met at the club, who even though is dangerous and attractive, makes her feel better when she is with him.
But there is a war brewing, and parts of Violet her friends have been trying to keep from her are coming out. She is Grigori, which means she needs to fight dark exiles her are slowing torturing much of the human population. Lincon is her partner, which means she can't fall in love with him... Too late for that...
But to gain her full abilities she needs to Embrace, which no one wants because it can't be taken back. 
What will Violet choose? Events occur that push Violet to the limit, and with Phoenix by her side she will face the challenges that are ahead of her.

The first book isn't my favourite in the series, I probably love the forth or fifth book better. But if I continued a series past the third book it certainly is worth a read. The whole series I gave a 4 or a 5 OUT OF 5 star rating, mostly because I love the romance between Phoenix and Violet, and the love triangle with Lincon.
See you all next week!
- K


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