The Hallow by Jessica Verday

Hey everyone, this week I have read an older book The Hallow, which was an interesting read. The only thing I will say for sure about this book is that after reading it you will most likely hate the ending unless you continue reading on in the trilogy. It had almost everything there was to love about a good romance/mystery novel, coupled with the paranormal part to it as well.

Meet Abbey, who's best friend has just gone missing. People are beginning to give up hope for finding her, but Abbey is never going to give up hope that she will find her safely. 
Abbey is not like most teenage girls. She loves making perfume, and dreams of opening her own perfume shop downtown Sleepy Hollow, where she lives. And with her dad's help, her dream is getting closer and closer to becoming reality.
While continuing her search in the last place her friend was seen, the bridge in the cemetery, Abbey meets some new friends. An elderly couple living near the bridge who tend to the graves and love watching the people come and go.
But she also meets a boy. His name is Caspian, and he spends a lot of his time by the bridge where her friend disappeared. He is very kind, but prefers to keep to himself... unless of course Abbey wants to spend time with him. Then he goes out of his way to see her.
She loves spending time with him, and for a time it feels like things are getting better, and that maybe with his help she will be able to find out what happened to her friend.
But things aren't all that they seem in Sleepy Hollow. There are mysteries there begging to be uncovered, and spirits that have been waiting to be awakened. Abbey must try to uncover the secrets behind her friends disappearance and learn to cope with everything she is about to learn. Hopefully the stress of it doesn't drive her insane...

All in all, a pretty good book. Although, I have to say the first time I read it I threw it at the wall after finishing it. The ending frustrated me only because it left me with more questions than answers. I would certainly recommend reading this book, and then quickly reading the next one once you finish.
The author knew her history of the famous town and twisted it to meet her stories needs, which was nice to see a classic tale spun out to fit a teenage book setting. It was well written, and I felt that before the ending I couldn't put it down.
I gave it a 3 out of 5 star rating.
See you all next week!
- K


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