Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

What's up everyone? Are you having a good week? I know I am! Summer is a great time to get caught up on your reading while sitting by the pool (not that I have one) or drinking a tall glass of lemonade (not that I like them). This week I read Unearthly, I had read it a while ago, and even the second book, but I felt like reading it again to get a good review for you guys!

Clara is part angel, and she has always known it. Raised by her part angel mother she knows that sooner or later she will need to complete her quest in life. It starts out simple, you will receive a dream telling you what to do to complete your quest, even if the dream isn't specific. And Clara has finally gotten her dream! But she doesn't understand it...
In her dream she is standing in a forest with a boy from her new school, who happens to be the love interest of every popular girl in school, and then suddenly he turns to her a smiles. What is this supposed to mean?!
Not knowing, but thinking it might mean something about them getting together is tearing her apart, considering he doesn't even know she exists! Her mom and brother are trying to help her deal with it, but they can't help her very much because it is her job to figure it out on her own. That sucks, man.
But then trouble arises when she starts getting feelings for another boy, one who she never thought she could ever like. With all of this standing in her way, will she ever be able to complete her quest? And what will happen if she doesn't complete it? There is no history of what happens to those who can't complete their quests... Clara will have to figure it out soon, because she is running out of time, and there are other enemies than just time who want to take a half angel down...

Overall, a good book. I really enjoyed a character in the book who might have only been in there as a fluke, and even though he had such a small role, I read the second book just so I could see more of him. It is so weird when the antagonist is in love with someone who it just seems so weird for them to be into. Not going to spoil anything.
I would recommend giving this book a go if you get the chance, and maybe even picking up the second and third book while you are at it. It is very well written, and the characters are both heart warming and funny.
I have this an overall 3 out of 5 stars.
Have a nice week everyone, and try to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!
- K


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