City of the Lost by Kelly Armstrong

Hey everyone. This is coming at you a little late (because I started watching a new show and lost track of the time). This week I read City of the Lost, which I had seen at the school bookstore a few months ago. At the time it was too expensive to read but I came across it on sale online and thought to get it.
I was excited to start reading because Kelly Armstrong is an author that I had loved reading long before this blog ever came into being. She has a strong voice in all of her books and it is well developed story wise.
But let me tell you a bit about it:

Casey Duncan is in a bit of trouble. Even as a Detective she is unable to keep the people in her life safe from those around them. In fact, she just seems to be making it worse. Her best friends ex-husband is back, beating his way back into her life one punch at a time. Her boyfriend is being hunted by the ghosts from her past. All she needs to do is get away for a little while to sort things out.
Rocton is the perfect place for her to go. A town in northern Canada that no one knows exist. It is hard to get in and once you are in you disappear from life until you leave. But luckily for Casey and her friend the town is in desperate need of a detective.
Unfortunately for Casey the sherif of the town doesn't like her very much. Despite this he allows her to come for a short period of time to help solve a mystery.
When she gets there she finds out that things are worse than she thought. In a town of only 200 crime rate is very high and on top of that a brutal murder is committed by someone possibly outside of the isolated town.
With her time running low and the odds stacked against her Casey tries to fight those who oppose her and the people she thought were her friends.

I loved this book from the first moment to the last. The characters were well spoken with strong personalities. The story was fun to read and the chapters were well written. As always Kelly Armstrong is able to go rom genre to genre spanning Young Adult, Horror, and now Thriller without any trouble at all.
A great book to read if you love crime thrillers.
Characters: A
Story: B+
Plot: A
Pace: B+
Ending: B+
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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