Melody's Key by Dallas Coryell

Hey everyone. Coming at you later again. Sorry about that, my mom is in town today so I haven't had a lot of time to write the review. But I am taking the time now to try to get as much writing in as I can before I go to bed. It's harder to read and do reviews when I have school all the time. Anyway, here I go.
The author was kind enough to send me a copy of this to read. My first impressions were that this was another play on a very popular story. Basically girl meets super popular guy and they fall in love even though she doesn't know much about him. Very Classic. But I always like the give a book a shot because who knows where it will end up.
Let me tell you a bit about it:

Melody is a girl with a troubled past. She and her family live in a manor where seasonal tourists come to find love. The rest of the year is a struggle to find work to pay back the massive debt they have on the house.
One of Melody's favourite things to do is write music, which no one is allowed to listen to. Not until Mason. He's a famous pop star visiting the house secretly to relax on vacation. At first Melody avoids him, wanting nothing to do with the pompous star. But soon they will be forced together by her loving family.
As they get to know each other Melody finds herself conflicted over the man. On one hand he is funny and loving and likes all the same things as her. On the other hand... well, it's complicated. In her past she has scars that have yet to truly heal. Before she is able to accept Mason into her life she will have to learn to let people in again.
Will she be able to get past her troubling past? Even if she can, there is little chance that she can make her summer romance work with a super star. But heaven knows she might just be willing to try to make it work.

In reality it is another story like the movies. I did like that there was a second story of love letters from the war that she reads throughout the story. That was a sort of bonus that made reading a little bit more fun.
All in all I enjoyed the read of the story. The chapters were a good lengths. The authors voice was strong. I liked the character of Melody since she didn't spend all her time whining about her past. Instead she was a strong character with a good voice learning the trust more people despite her problems.
Character: B+
Plot: B-
Pace: B
Setting: B+
Ending: B
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K
If you are interested in purchasing this book check out the link here


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