Come on Up to the House by Dane Cobain

Hey everyone. Late post, I know. I was going to work on this yesterday but when your roommate says "Harry Potter Movie Marathon" it's hard to say no. And last week I didn't get a chance to post because I had a 15 page term paper to turn in and didn't finish the book. But this is the last week of school before Summer begins for me and who needs to do readings for the last week anyway?
This book was kindly sent to me by the lovely author, who I've done reviews for before. I know that he is good at creating a creepy environment for a story so I was excited to get started on it.
There were a few things that concerned me when I started reading this book, but I'll get to those after the description. Once I came to terms with what the book was I enjoyed it a lot more.
Let me tell you about it:

The Jersey family has just moved to a new house with the hopes of starting over. What the family doesn't know is that there has been a dramatic disaster that has taken place there, cursing the house and all who live there. Only the neighbour knows the true horror but the family thinks he is just another crazy.
Soon, the evil spirit of the son begins taking over the families oldest son. Within days of moving in things start to escalate putting the whole families lives in danger. From their neighbours house he can only watch as the family is very quickly torn apart.
Before the family is able to escape the terror more than one life will be ripped away from them.

The biggest problem I had reading this book was my own fault. I didn't realize that the last half of the book was the screen play. If I had looked at when the book ended I would have seen that it was a lot shorter than I had thought going into it. While I was reading I couldn't help but feel that things were happening too fast. After finishing the book, and realizing the actual length, I didn't have that problem anymore.
For such a short story, only about 100 pages or so, I thought it was really well done. The atmosphere was well written to create an eerie feeling in a house, which should have been a happy environment. The characters may have had strange reactions to the events happening but it's hard for me to tell how anyone would really react to such a situation.
In the end it was a pretty good book.
Characters: B-
Plot: B+
Pace: A-
Setting: A-
End: B
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K
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