The Hobbit by Tolkien

Hey everyone, just finished reading The Hobbit, by Tolkien. As most of you know I have been diving into my geek side lately and have been reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To finish off the series I read the Hobbit. 
Now don't angry at me for saying this, but I truly loved the Hobbit more than I liked the trilogy. I found there wasn't so much to remember, and they didn't feel the need to explain everything in such great a detail. The characters were loveable, and the storyline was great.

We meet Bilbo from the first book of Lord of the Rings, who just wants to go about his lively hood as normal, when a strange wizard Gandalf comes to his home and invites him on a great journey with twelve dwarves to reclaim their homeland in the mountains. The only problem is of course that their mountain home was once claimed by a dragon that still lives there.
Bilbo's job? To get into the mountain and defeat the dragon while he is confused by the sight of the Hobbit. Now Bilbo is in fact a Hobbit, and even though he has some Took in him, he is not used to even hearing the word adventure.
But after some convincing he decides to go along and help the dwarves, after seeing how desperate they are.
This is the story about how he overcomes his fears and lives up to everything Gandalf wants him to be. It is quite the journey of course, and many strange things are discovered. But to tell you of them would ruin the story for you.
If you want to know more you have to read the book and find out!

I would most certainly recommend reading this book, especially if you have a passion for fantasy books. Please do not compare it to the movie, as you will find yourself greatly disappointed at how must the movie changed from the original story. Just enjoy them both as if they were two very different things and not at all related.
I give this book a FIVE out of FIVE stars! A great, great, read and a great start to my school year!

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