Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

Hey everyone, finished last weeks read Tempest Rising. Now I didn't have high hopes going into this book. I was right when I found I couldn't really relate to it. When you read a book you have to have some sort of connection to the main character so that you can easily put yourself in their place and enjoy the story. But Tempest, the main character in this case, is not something your average every day girl can relate to.

Meet Tempest, who is about to turn 16 (I think). Her mom left her to live in the ocean when she was young. Oh yeah, her mom is a mermaid. Tempest experienced some bad crap with the ocean when she was younger and blames herself (kinda) for her mom leaving.
All she has is a note from her mom saying that when she turns 16 she will have the choice to turn into a mermaid or stay on land. Kay.
So, like I said, Tempest is the kind of girl most people can't relate to. She surfs every day with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Mike. Now the surfing is what threw me off the story line. I don't surf, I don't like near the water, my mom never left me, and I share none of the same qualities as Tempest. But that is besides the point.
Anyway, Tempest wipes out bad in the first chapter and the sea tries to claim her again as it tried to do when she was little. And I think she grows a tail for a short period of time... But then at school she ends up with gills... yeah. No one really notices and she has a bit of a freak out and run to the beach, no clue why, and falls down the rocks in the rain.
There she meets Kona, an attractive guy who loves to surf. He avoids her questions and likes the water. They talk, she feels guilty because she has a boyfriend, and he leaves into the rain all mysteriously.
Later she meets him again, but as Mike, her boyfriends, new friend. He teases her and makes it obvious he has a thing for her. Later that night she sneaks out in the middle of the night and jumps into the ocean because she is crazy. Kona saves her from being dragged under and they make out.
Feeling embarrassed Tempest invites him to her birthday party after he gives her some very vague answers to what she is and what kind of danger she is in. Then he leaves.
At the party he sees her and Mike getting all close, because of course they are dating and they can do that, and he gets all pissed. He knew she had a boyfriend, and when he kissed her she stopped him, but he still gets all angry that she is with him. Whatever.
Mike and him get all pissy with each other and Tempest, being the brave girlfriend she is, runs away from her house. Great girlfriend right there. Way to deal with the situation at hand and not run away from your problems. And let me just say she has known Kona for all of, what, two days? And she is all "maybe I should break up with my boyfriend for you!" No, that doesn't happen in real life honey, not to normal people.
If you want to know more on the story you will have to read it, because this is where I stopped reading.

It is very rare for me to put down a book, especially one I bought myself. (To clarify that last point I like to go to the library) But this one I found I just did not like. If you feel like you can connect to her, then by all means read the book. Even give it a try if it is your thing. But I certainly did not like it.
The author did a good job with the writing, but the characters were a little unbelievable, and you have to be pretty out there to connect with them. Even to the places where they live. If the book got super interesting from there on out, then I will never know. I find that if the beginning does not hold me, than the ending does not deserve my attention.
Sorry that this update wasn't as good as the others. Normally I try to find the good in all books and reach out to my readers to give it a try. But this time I am just not feeling it, and I don't know how many other people are either.
I'm sorry if I offended some people.
For the first time in a long time I am going to give a book a Two out of Five star rating.
Hope you all have a nice day. Hopefully next weeks read is a little better. So far it isn't so promising...


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