The Forbidden Games by LJ Smith

Hey everyone! Today I haven't read a book, or I did but I'm not doing the review for until next week, but I am finally doing a review on one of my absolute favourite books of all time. Today, the review will be on L.J Smith's book trilogy The Forbidden Games. For this, even though it is a trilogy, I will only be doing the first book because I don't want to give away spoilers for those of you who haven't read them yet and are planning on getting to it.

We start off being introduced to Jenny, the main character to our story. She is shopping for a game to play at the birthday party she is throwing for her long time boyfriend, Tom. But she is too late and almost all of the stores are closed, except one in a dark alley way called "more games."
Having no other choice, as she is being followed by two goons with possibly dark intentions, she goes inside. There she finds that the store is very exotic, and as she is reading from a sign that read "Welcome to my world" she is interrupted by an attractive looking boy with white hair and deep blue eyes. He tricks her into buying a game that the box is all white, with no words or anything on it. Jenny is mesmerised and buys it immediately.
The men who were waiting for her outside run in terror from her when she emerges from the store, and she continues home.
There her friends Dee, Aubrey, Summer, Micheal, and Zach are waiting for her for the party. they have some fun and before long they are all playing the game, with Tom included. But the game has some strange rules that make Jenny a little weary. And in no time they pass out and awake in a strange room, in an eerie house, with no memory of how they got there.
Just as they are starting to freak out a figure steps forward, the boy from the game store! He explains to them that they have entered a different world where the game they started playing is real. And now, if they want to get out alive, they will have to face their worse fears.
The catch? If he wins the game, and they don't make it to the top of the house by sunrise, Jenny has to stay in the world forever with him as his bride. He has been watching her for years, and he has always been in love with her.
Her friends disappear and the boy, known as Julian, tells her she is the main character and must find her friends and bring them to the door to escape. Then, again, he tells her he loves her and asks if she will willingly stay there with him where he will give her anything she wants and she will be a queen.
She refuses and he tells her to find her friends, and that no matter how hard she tries, she will belong to him in the end.
The rest of the story is Jenny's quest to find her friends and help them face their worst nightmares that are more and more dangerous. Because if you die in the game, there is no coming back.
And throughout the game Julian continues to try to convince Jenny to join him, and that he truly loves her more than Tom ever could. But she stays faithful, or at least she tries, and her and her friends fight for their survival.
Want to find out if she gives in to the temptation and joins Julian in the shadow world? Well then you have to read and find out!

This book absolutely blew me away from the moment I started reading. The writing was amazing and I loved every single character. I couldn't stop reading about Julian and his absolute obsession with Jenny and his determination to make her love him as much as he loved her.
I recommend this book to everyone I come across and it has stayed at the top of my reading list for over four years.
I gave it a FIVE out of FIVE stars just because, not only do I love the author, but the characters are just so amazing! In fact, I am going to read it again right now!
No more time to write! See you all next week!


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