Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Hey everyone, just finished reading Dark Inside, and I have to say I am deeply disturbed! Now, I am the type of person that is easily scared when it comes to horror, despite my massive love for Halloween. My friend asked me to read it for her, and from the first chapter I was horrified.
There is so much death, to people that you normally wouldn't see die in a book. In one scene a two year old is ripped apart while one of the main characters listens from bathroom.

We meet four different people who are the focus in each chapter. In chapter one, I believe, we meet Mason, who's mom has just been in an accident. While waiting for her to get better in the hospital he hears news that his school has been destroyed, and all his friends are dead. Depressing, but that is just the start. People are turning up dead all over the place, and his mom has just been pronounced dead. His journey to escape and go to the place where he and his mom shared as a child leads him through the war torn country where he meets some off people, and some who can't be trusted.
(Keep in mind that all of the stories that are told- a different person every chapter revolving through the four main characters- all are happening along side each other)
Next we meet Aries, who is on her way back to school with her best friend and her boyfriend when a massive earthquake destroys the town and kills her best friend. A mysterious man named Daniel helps her out of the wreckage and then helps her find shelter when a group of people begin killing all the survivors on the bus (including a pregnant woman which deeply disturbed me) Along with a group of friends from school she escapes the town and becomes the leader of this group trying to find a place where they can be safe, and hoping to run into Daniel again after he left her.
The next person we meet is Clementine, who is at a meeting with the town and her parents to discuss helping those on the costs who's towns were destroyed in the massive earthquakes that destroyed half the world. When two men enter the hall and mass murder everyone there, Clementine is the only survivor. On a mission, alone, she goes as quickly as she can towards Seattle where she hopes to find her brother alive, and not demented by the new plague, which turns people into violent killers.
Last but not least, is Micheal. After witnessing a brutal murder of a motorist, him and another survivor take off into the woods and find a group of people that they hope they can survive with. But after failing as a leader, and getting his whole group killed, he takes off on his own again, with no course set anymore.
We also hear from a mysterious person every couple of chapters called 'Nothing' who is clearly infected from the plague, but is not a blind killer. He or she has moments of clarity, where he/she remembers everything they did and all the people they killed. And unlike most of the killers, who don't talk and think about nothing but killing, they are smart and sensible, not always killing those they come across. By the end of the story we have a good idea who it is, but it is never outright told to you who it is.

Besides the horror in the actions of not only the killers, but the kids as well, it was a pretty good book. I most likely will read the second one to see what happens. I would say, if you are into this type of books, than you should give it a read. Think more humane zombies and this is the book for you.
I gave it a Three out of Five star rating. Have a nice day :)


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