No Surrender Soldier by Christine Kohler

Hey everyone, just finished reading No Surrender Soldier, which was sent to me by the very generous author, and It has taken me a while to read it because of school and other things, but I have finally gotten the chance to read it, and it is about time to tell you about it. (you all have waited long enough for a new review)

Meet Kiko, who's brother Sammy is off fighting in the war of Vietnam, in the year 1972 (i think). His Tatan (grandfather) is suffering from delusions from the second world war, and at one point attacks someone in their tourist shop, accusing him of 'raping' Kiko's mother. During the course of the story you see the point of view of Seto, a soldier from World War 2 who has been hiding out in a cave since the war, and is convinced that the war is still going on, and that he is in danger.
As time goes on Kiko tries to come to terms with his Tatan's crazy behaviour, deal with his brother being away in war and not knowing how he is doing, enjoy what is left of his vacation from school, and deal with his over protective parents.
Kiko, after a while, begins to believe that Sammy was not his real brother, but his half brother who was conceived during world war 2 when his mother was raped by the soldiers, and that is why his father and grandfather are protective of her. 
But the time Seto has spent in the caves has turned him into a sort of monster, and Kiko is coming closer and closer to falling into his cave. Kiko will need to determine the importance of life, and what it means to him and those around him, if he hopes to survive this fight without surrendering.

All in all it was a pretty good book, and a pretty quick read. The author clearly knew what they were writing about, and did their proper research before diving into this book. And though it is a fictional story, there are parts of it taken from true stories, such as Seto's cave dwelling during the war. 
Give it a read if you get the chance, and check out for more information about this book, and other books like this one.
I gave it a 3 out of 5 star rating. Hope to write again this time next week, so until then, stay safe and read lots!
- K


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