Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hey everyone! No, I didn't read this book this week, I read it a few years ago when it first came out, but it is one of my favourites and I thought I would get the review for it up on my site so that you who haven't read the book yet know what's up!

Meet Nora Grey, an average girl who writes a blog, and wants to do well in school and hang out with her only friend Vee. Too bad for her Coach has decided that she can't sit beside her best friend in their human reproduction class, and she has to sit beside the silent exchange student who doesn't want to help her pass the class.
Okay, so he does want to help her pass the class, but he wants a lot more than that. He enjoys using any moment he can to get under her skin, and she hates him just as much as she finds herself being drawn to him.
But there is something strange about the way he keeps showing up everywhere she goes. After Nora is attacked she begins to suspect that something certainly isn't right with her 'friendly' lab partner. Not only that, but things keep getting weirder when her therapist tells her to stay away from him or it could mean her life.
Who is Patch really? And what are his intentions with Nora? Things could go any way for her at the moment. He could truly have feelings for her like he claims, or maybe there is something more sinister in mind...

This was up there on the top ten books that I loved. Not only was Patch the bad boy that everyone could love, but his obsession for Nora left me swooning the whole time (not really but whatever). The story line was great, and though I know there are more books in the series, I never got into reading them. It isn't because I don't think they would be good, it is just that I like where this book ended, and I wasn't left with any regrets from the book finishing where it did. 
I rated the book highly, and though I don't have the exact rating on me at the moment, I would have given it either a Four or a Five star rating based on how much I loved it, and how many times I reread it.
I hope that if you haven't read the book yet, you would give it a try, because I truly believe that it is worth the money and the time to read.
Have a nice week everyone, and I will write again next Monday.
- K.


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