Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Good day to you, my fellow readers. I have just been informed that there is a possibility that this book, Paranormalcy, will be being made into a movie. So, in light of the good news, I thought I would give a review to the book, even though I read it a year or two ago. I loved the book, and I loved the cover, and best of all, it is a trilogy, my favourite!

Evie is your everyday teenager living in a secret lab that deals with Paranormals. What are Paranormals you might ask? Well, a paranormal are anything from vampires to ghosts, to anything that isn't classified as 'human'. This lab hunts down rogue paranormals and 'tags' them, and then gives them jobs where they can live their lives and not have to pose a danger to the humans.
Now, Evie is basically human, but she is special in a few ways. One, she can see past the glamour of paranormals and can see what they really are when they are trying to hide. Two, she seems to have captured the attention of one of the faeries working for the lab, Reth.
Reth has always fancied Evie since she came to live at the base. But something in their past leads Evie to fear him, and avoid him at all costs, despite his many attempts to come to her and make her like him again.
But Evie's life at the centre is about to be turned upside down when a mysterious paranormal who can take the form of any person shows up. Evie manages to see past him, and even become his friend for a while, but he awakens something within her that begins to question what it means to be able to see through others.
Then, even more surprising, Evie finds out she might not be human. Has everyone been lying to her all this time? Who is she really, and where does she come from?
Now, Reth is on the move, ready to do whatever it takes to claim Evie, as he feels is right. She now has to fight him, fight herself, and fight what might be after her out in the real world that she has always wished to be a part of.

This was a great read, because both male characters (Lend and Reth) are great, even though I personally love Reth. Everyone has a different love when they read the book. The story was insanely well written, and the characters were entertaining. I loved all the books in the trilogy, and was very sad to see that it was over. I am very excited to see it become a movie, if it really does become a movie, but I worry about how they are going to cast the characters, as anyone who sees a beloved book become a movie would be.
If you haven't had the chance to read the book, go for it by all means. With it growing towards becoming a movie it will become more popular, so if you want to read it before it becomes big now would be the chance.
I gave it a high rating, Four or Five stars out of Five stars. 
Have a nice week, and I will write again next week.
- K. 


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