The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Hey everyone, another great week I hope! This week I read a book series (yes the entire series) called the Iron Fey series, starting with this book here The Iron King. I absolutely loved this series, because the author wrote so clearly, so fluently, and so amazingly that for a time I forgot I was reading and I thought I WAS the character of this book. 

Megan lives an interesting life, though she only has one friend, Robby, she still finds comfort in her small family. Even though her step dad doesn't seem to remember that she exists, her younger step brother loves her and her mom takes good care of her.
But as her birthday approaches Megan starts seeing people in the woods, and Robby starts acting funny. When her brother disappears and then reappears acting strange, she wants to figure things out. But she doesn't expect what she gets.
Robby is actually the infamous Robin Goodfellow from the old tails, and has been watching over her since she was a child and making her forget all of the faeries she has been seeing all her life. She is half fey, as it turns out, daughter of King Oberon and her own mother, which is why her step father can never quite remember who she is.
And now that her brother has been kidnapped and replaced with a faerie she is ready to go into the faerie world and take on any challenge to get him back. But things in faerie are not so easy. Her brother has not been taken by Oberon, the king of the summer fey, or Mag, Queen of the winter fey. He has been taken by the Iron King, the King of the land of technology poisonous to fey that is slowly taking over the faerie lands. No faerie can travel into the iron kingdom without suffering a horrible fate, but Megan isn't completely faerie. She also has been invited by the Iron King himself.
On her journey she meets Ash, the prince of the winter fey, and the two strike up an alliance to help save her brother, much to Puck's dislike.
As Ash and Megan travel into the iron realm with little help, Megan begins to learn more about who she really is... and slowly begins to draw closer to Ash.

The book was amazing, all of the books were. I love the author, and I think she did an amazing job telling the story. I love the relationship between Ash, Megan, and Puck, and how it ties her in with the old stories in the past, with a modern twist. I would certainly recommend making time to read this series, as it is worth the time 100%
I gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating for the amazing story line, and writing style.
See you all again next week!
- K


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