Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Hello everyone, can you believe how quickly time passes? I mean, it seams like just yesterday that I started writing this blog and look how far I've come! I love writing here, and I love reading, and I am very thankful for everyone who has supported me up until this point!
This week I read Glass Houses, which is the first in a very long line of books in this series. I have read a few of the other books, and I really do like them, because they come out quickly, the books, and they have a great atmosphere to them.

Claire is new in Morganville, and is having a bit of trouble with her schooling because of bullies. That doesn't really get her down, and she ends up eventually moving into the Glass House in town with Michael Glass (I think that was his name :S) and a few other people. 
It is weird for her moving in with two boys, but at least there is a girl living there, despite how weird she is. But the boys in the house are hiding a secret, that even her new friend doesn't know about.
And the town itself is odd as well. At night people don't go outside, and people who leave town seem to lose all memory of the things that they did while living in the town despite how long they might have lived there.
When Claire finds out the dark secret the town and her room mates are hiding, she quickly becomes caught up in it as the leader of the town begins forcing her to help keep things in order, mainly because she is smart.
Every day her life is on the line, and she risks death countless times to help her friends. But she still has to juggle school work, and keep all of this secret from her parents who are trying to come visit her. Plus, bullies are worse than ever, even if they aren't her biggest problem. 
In the end, why is it so hard just to live a normal life and hope not to die protecting your friends?!

At first I had some problems getting into the book, but I caught on quickly, and I found that a lot of the side characters were a lot of fun to follow. There is a wide variety of different people all in one, and like I said before the atmosphere is amazing. It is dark, thrilling, and an all out fun read.
Give it a go if you get the chance.
I rated it 3 out of 5 stars.
Have a nice week!
- K 


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