An Average Day in the Life of K: Black Friday!

So Friday's for me are normally pretty boring because I don't do anything at all. So instead I will tell you about what I did last Friday because it was pretty memorable I guess. At least it will be better than telling you about all of the nothing I do all day.
Anyway, last Friday was what American's call Black Friday. Here in Canada we don't get all crazy about it but it is a good time for us to go shopping and calmly check out the deals to see if they are worth buying.
My floor mate woke up early (like 9:00) and came to wake us up because she was just so excited to get all of her Christmas shopping done. After bickering for a bit about how early it was she left for a bit to let us get ready.
We went to breakfast not long after that with another floor mate and then came back to have a shower and get dressed up warm so that we wouldn't freeze while waiting for the buses to come.
It was still pretty damn cold while we sat outside for ten minutes waiting for the number 4 to Rideau Centre. When we got there we found that it wasn't really all that busy to begin with, although it normally is kind of busy because it is one of the largest malls in Ottawa the capital city in Canada.
So we go inside and walk around for a while trying to figure out what stores to go to first. My floor mate who was so excited ran into Roots (Canadian Store) and spent about half an hour in there while we went into a game store. Once she finished she ducked into another expensive store for half an hour while the three of us sat outside waiting.
My roommate and I went into a store and bought a shirt for $20 which was really nice and we still are glad that we bought. After that we decided it was best to split up because there were only a few stores left that we needed to go to and they were on opposite ends of the mall.
I went with my roommate to Victoria Secret to get some bras because I needed some new ones desperately while my two floor mates went to Pandora to finish her Christmas shopping.
An hour or so later we were done shopping at the bra store and found that the other two STILL weren't done in the jewellery store.
Once we dragged them away we ended up sitting on a bench with ice cream with ten bags that didn't belong to us while our floor mates went off around the mall to get things. When they finally came back we got to go to the bookstore!
And even though we spent over an hour in the bookstore looking around no one bought anything and we hurried back to catch the bus back to our dorms. 
Getting back felt very good. It gave me time to catch up on my homework and go get some lunch with my roommate without the fear of being trampled on by generally polite, yet rushed shoppers.
And so that was how I spent my Black Friday here on campus. 
Have a nice week guys and I will see you on Monday!
- K
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