Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas eve here in Canada and surprisingly for once we are lacking the snow in my area. Now that I am home from school for the Holidays with exams over it is finally time to get into the spirit of Christmas.
I've already received one gift, a beautiful Katana that was specially designed, and I am excited to see the wonderful things that will be opened tomorrow morning.
I hope that everyone is spending some quality family time this Holiday (even if you don't celebrate Christmas) and that they are planning on having a wonderful dinner with those closest to them. My grandparents are coming over tonight for a nice take out dinner and to stay the night as they always do on Christmas eve.
With so many different Holidays being celebrated at this time I would just like to do a shout out to all of them and to wish you all a Merry Christmas for my Wednesday post.
This will be just a short post now because I have to do some more decorating and wrap a few more presents.
So may all of your stockings be filled with books and have a wonderful holiday season. For those living in Canada make sure you take advantage of those Boxing day sales! What better time is there to buy a lovely set of books for such a low price?
- K


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