Jorie and the River of Fire by A. H. Richardson

Hey everyone, it's been a while since my last post. In that time I've been reading a few different books including this one! It's the third book in the series. The rest of the books have been reviewed on this blog as well if you'd like to check those out. The author has been very kind to send me the third book and the others as well.
It's interesting, this series, because it really feels like each book could be the end. So each time I see another book I get excited to see the story continue. It's hard to say if this book is the end because, though it ends on a good note, there is still a lot of room for the story to continue. If it does continue, hopefully I will be able to review that one as well.
Let me tell you a bit about this book:

Jorie and Rufus are back in another adventure through the Tarn. This time, though, they are much older. After being gone for a couple of years Rufus has been trained by his Uncle Herc to be a proper gentleman, even if that means being somewhat headstrong. This clashes with his friend Jorie who has always been the one in charge.
In the magical world below the Tarn the Elder Wizard has disappeared. The evil monster Lord Fodomalk has taken him captive in his rage at losing his daughter to the 'light side' of the land. Along with the Wizard he has also taken Chook, Rufus's dragon friend captive as well.
Once again Jorie and Rufus will have to journey to the dark realm to save their friends. This time they are older, wiser, and are able to fully harness to power of the magic stones that they have been fighting to protect in the previous books.
On the surface world there are other relationships developing. Jorie's Aunt Lettie and Rufus's Uncle Herc have begun a complicated relationship that they are exploring slowly. And when the adults come across the magic book hidden under Jorie's bed they are in for a shock that none of them could have seen coming.

Great read. The book continues exploring the characters it started developing in the first book. This time, since the children are older, it gives the adventure a more dangerous spin. It's also more acceptable for relationships to start to develop.
The big thing I noticed this book did was it started to give Lord Fodomalk a chance at redemption. For the first time he isn't just an evil force constantly working against the children with no actual emotion. He starts to show that he is able to understand what's going on outside of his desire for power. I would like to see this further developed if there are any more books in the future.
Plot: B
Pace: B+
Characters: A-
Setting: B
Ending: B+
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K
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